Feel fresh and relaxed with men’s Loungewear from Huetrap

Men make sure they are ultimately comfortable once they reach home. They love to wander and relax in a casual attire. Huetrap houses a splendid collection of lounge shorts and pants. As far men’s Lounge wear is considered, it is personal preference that makes men decide on their favorite ones. Four basic facts are usually considered while getting your lounge pants –

  • Size
  • Type
  • Fabric/ Material
  • Design

Choosing a right size is the basic factor behind choosing a Loungewear. It should be comfortable as well as fitting for your size. Huetrap has a standard size chart with indicators – Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large ( XL). You could view the size chart that is illustrated in both centimeters and inches for better fit and understanding.

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It is purely a personal choice whether to prefer a pajama sets, robes, boxers, loungepants or shorts for your leisure time. Huetrap’s Loungewears includes both lounge pants and lounge shorts. You could also opt for Boxer shorts under innerwear section.
Cotton is the coolest choice among the other materials and easy to wash and maintain. Huetrap’s Loungewears makes you more comfortable and cool with its breathable 100% cotton fabric.

Although men least think about the design and colour for their loungewears, the print and shade needs to be agreeable to your personality.

Huetrap’s loungewear collections are crafted with care to provide supreme comfort to the users. Both the Lounge pants and shorts has an elasticated waistband with drawstrings for the convenience. Whether it is your walk time or leisure at home, Huetrap’s lounge pants and shorts would be an ideal choice.

Shop now @ http://www.huetrap.com/men/lounge-wear


Get unique colours from solid collections from Huetrap

Patterns and designs are attractive and get the attention of viewers easily. But sometimes it becomes necessary to have solid colours in our wardrobe to fulfill our varied fashion needs. Solid colours give fine and elegant looks and are best paired with patterned bottoms.

Huetrap provides you splendid colours in the exclusive solid collections. Every wardrobe should possess black, melange, white, green and yellow collections.

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Men’s Solid Tees:

Get refined looks with Men’s solid tees from Huetrap. Grab some ultimate colours like Black, Green, Navy, Orange, Plum, Rap Purple, White and Yellow in both round neck and v neck patterns. Add unique colours to your casual tee collection and pair it with an appropriate denim. These tees are made of 100% cotton and gives you an ultimate comfort and style.

Men’s Solid Polo:

Upgrade your style and maintain your classic looks with Huetrap’s Polo T shirts. double lined hem in sleeve and collar adds attraction to the unique coloured Polo T shirts from Huetrap. White, melange, blue, navy, red and black colours are available in Polo collection. Polo T shirt works well with leather jackets, v-neck sweaters, suit jackets, chinos and jeans.

Women’s Solid Tees:

With attractive round neck and v-neck forms, Huetrap houses many chic and awesome colours loved by young women. Unlike men, women has a variety of colour choices like lavender, baby pink, yellow, turquoise blue and green apart from the usual solid tops in white, black, melange, red, orange, navy, plum and purple. Get exquisite looks from these delicate and ultimate colours.

Women’s Solid Tank Tops:

Look special with solid tank tops and get complete looks with accessories like scarfs, stoles, cardigans, black blazers, leather vest etc. Don’t miss the fun that black, white, purple and navy tank tops give.

Women’s Solid Leggings and Capris:

Solid leggings and capris are ultimate necessity for trend-setters of all time. Some distinctive colours like black, lavender, white, red, green and blue are mandatory for every wardrobe.

Seize some unique colours from the solid collections of India’s freshest online fashion destination, Huetrap!

International Tolerance Day – Buddha Tees

International day of tolerance is celebrated on 16th of every November to promote tolerance around the world. According to the declaration passed by the united nations, tolerance is ‘neither indulgence nor indifference’. It is a moral duty of every citizen to appreciate the rich diversity of our culture and respect the forms of expression. Discrimination, marginalization, injustice and violence are the effects that society faces due to intolerance.
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Not only to the national and international welfare, tolerance is the root for inner peace of every self. Seek for your inner self and peace. It gets you to the path of enlightenment and shows you the real nature of tolerance. The image and preachings of Buddha instills a calm and explicit knowledge of self within us.

This time express your concern for the need for tolerance and peace in this world. Adorne yourself with images of Buddha and peace seeking graphics and inspire your friends. An awesome collection of Buddha tees are available in Huetrap’s Graphic tees.

Consider bring in peace, pristine buddha, seated enlightened Buddha in all of your favorite colours and sizes. Identify your self with the universal one and cast away all the discrimination that this material world has imparted.

Let this International Tolerance day be worth celebrating with enchanting prints of peace on your favorite tees.

Awesome design plus fantastic looks – Skull Tees

Display your wild attitude with the new collection of skull tees from Huetrap. Here is a right chance to stay with the trend and rock the season.

Skull tees would be your ever favorite attire and would never go out of fashion. Huetrap has introduced a number of fresh collection of skull printed graphic tees. Bold bright printed tee would be an ideal one to begin with. A skull on a bright blue T shirt with a multi coloured print would become your favorite casual basics. Express your playtime fun with Skull is King print tee that has a card play theme with skull as the King card!


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Surprise your team with a smiling skull printed tee with gothic prints and a skull smiling brightly with a ‘superlative being’ text. Would like to have a danger mnemonic on your tee? Choose this round neck danger print tee which would provide you ultimate comfort. Get your dreams filled with skulls with Dreams of Skulls Tshirt.

Don’t miss to pick an artful approach to casual dressing with print depicting skull taking a casual shopping haunt. This print looks awesome and would certainly impress your friends and viewers. A typical amazement is provoked when the skull smiles in a dark background with unique angels printed around. A laughing skull rising from the dark with a forest rendering would stun your onlookers, filling them with awe. Pick the raising from the dark t shirt and create a puzzling atmosphere.
The scuba skull print tee would be fun when you are heading towards a water game. If you would like to add a musical touch to your alarming skulls, Huetrap provides you a wide choice. Concert this weekend? The skull rock star tee would definitely be the best companion and give you unique looks in the concert. Also an abstract tape printed skull tee, a skull strumming a guitar, would suit you when you are out for a party.
Express your bold fashion statement with Huetrap‘s Skull tees collection!

Express your personal style with Women’s Graphic tees

Women love to be with the pace of changing trend always. T shirt is a comfortable and lovable garment for women. Available in unique colours, neck line, shapes, designs and sizes, these T shirts are the necessary style component for any young women. Graphic T shirts has granted us the choice of being unique and personal. By choosing a particular graphics on your tee, you exhibit your attitude to the society.

Huetrap offers you wide range of Graphic Tops for women. You can present your mood and character by making a wise choice from the collection of designs. Be authentic on your days in the office with authentic “heralding new beginning tee”.
Express your infinite love with the lavender short sleeve tee, Love is the new black tee, along with red and black heart printed tee.
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Bring your feminine traits and look like an angel with tees like lady with a wing, “red head printed white tee”, “pretty girl tee in white”.When you like to establish your love for nature and nation, try out tri coloured feather printed tee and the bird prints and nature prints from Huetrap.

Huetrap provides you a wide collection of party prints, abstract prints, floral and photo prints. A slogan printed tee one of the essential tee in your wardrobe. Pick your favorite slogan and rock. If it is your evening sports time, then go for tennis printed tees in various colours.

Shop this season and express your personal style with Huetrap’s Graphic collection @ http://www.huetrap.com/women/t-shirts/graphic