WashCare Tips for Wardrobe Favourites

Apparels from Huetrap are stylish year-round necessities that almost everyone enjoys wearing. Being amazing just got easier with comfortable, trendy knitted garments from Huetrap. Knitted fabric is breathable and pleasant outfits. At the same time, don’t get disappointed if you see your favorite clothes loose its bright tint or get out of shape. With the wash care tips on how to take care of knitted garments, your fave ones will last for years!

1. Wash inside out

Huetrap attires are 100% fade proof. Still, while washing all of your clothes together in a washing machine, the decolourisation of one cloth might stain the other. Or decorative embellishments like buttons, zippers might get spoilt or go missing when rubbed against other clothes or the surface of the washing machine. So turning clothes inside out will help reduce trouble.

2. Zip up before you wash

Metal zippers on jeans, jacket and other garment items are like a tiny saw in the washer and dryer. It rips away other clothes the whole time unless you zip them up first. One of the best ways to wash clothes with metal embellishments (jeans, cotton belts, and jackets) is by putting them inside a shopping cotton bag and take it for wash. This will make washing easy and trouble-free.

3. Add lemon for stain removal

You can add lemon juice to the water along with the clothes in the washing machine to remove stains, and it also maintains colour.

4. Never Tumble dry

Never tumble dry your knitwear garments on the heat cycle. Always set the tumble dry at room temperature. Ironing with a press cloth or fluffy towel will remove the moisture, and one that is too hot can scorch or damage your fabric.

5. Do not squeeze clothes before drying

Be careful not to squeeze, twist or knead the clothes too hard, you might be damaging the graphic prints or designs on the apparel. Also do not wring the water from the washed clothes before drying, always intend to dry it without handing.

6. Let dry in shade

Never put your natural fabric in the dryer. Let it air dry to retain its original colour and decoration. The embellishments may not be able to handle direct sunlight. You could also place the wet knitted garment between two towels and gently press, which quickly absorbs the excess moisture as well.

7. Don’t hang in the wardrobe

No hangers! It is better to lay and fold the t-shirts and pants flat after drying. Hanging them for a long time in closets is going to droop the collars and look stretched.

8. Refold now and then

Once in a month or two, practice to empty your wardrobe and refold your clothes different from how you had folded it the previous time. This practice will earn grace periods to your apparel without any creases.


10 Fashion Tips for Every Girl

You’re searching from one side of your wardrobe to the other to match the right outfit, but you just can’t seem to find anything that matches. Sound familiar? This is the everyday struggle all women have, but you can make your life a lot easier with some genius fashion tips that allow you to appear effortlessly styled in any occasions. You can crop the ideas based on your personal style, body type, and personality, but most of these tips will work for any woman out there. Just scroll on for the styling tips fashion girls live by.


If you’ve got a rack of neutral clothes, team them with boldly hued shoes and bags. Not only are they more lively but also surprisingly versatile. Wear a neutral lower with shoes and a bag in two different complementary colours. For instance, A white top and pale green pants with red shoes and a yellow bag.


The secret formula for a styling prowess is “Knowing her Strength.” Once you know which silhouettes complement your body, you can filter trends blindly. For instance, If you’re short and shapely, it’s best to avoid horizontal columns and billowy maxis. Go for a dress with a defined waist and that’s just-above-the-knee.


Stash the ultimate accessory scarf in your purse or carry-on to transform simple tees to pull off the trend of the moment. For instance, A pair of jeans and t-shirt with a scarf around the neck will look awesome even without studs and makeup.


A sling bag with a chain lends a fresh edge to evening wear. Wear the sling diagonally across your body for the best effect. For instance, A bright sling bag slaves beautiful with lipsticks, an extra pair of earrings and rubber bands.


Clothes need some breathing room! You should be able to see every dress without rummaging. Donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year and embrace new trends. Go full-throttle into this season’s trends, take on the must-have statement shades and introduce them with no-fail favourites, like ankle-strap heels and a tee, for its effortlessly chic feel.


Note down not of what you want to buy but of the 10 favourite items in your closet. This will help you zero in on choices with what you own (or remind you that you don’t own big floral prints).


Match to your skin tone and grab nude shoes, they’re a pretty safe bet. And also that they make legs look longer.


If your evening party wear is a stunner with a lot of embellishment, one single showstopping accessory (a flashy earring) is all you need.


Every angle matters. Don’t leave the house until you like yourself in the mirror. Inspect to perfect yourself or get somebody to check it for you, as introducing another pair of eyes could be of great help and advantage.


The street style darlings embrace basics to rock fashion with combinations. Pair a loose t-shirt with tight pants or leggings with a handbag.

Try adding creativity to the style tips and watch the compliments roll in.

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Hidden Secrets Behind Colours

Poems make people cry, music call out memories but it is colours that throw love and emotion. Rule your runway this summer with colours that take flight in fashion. Colours are important to make things look good, whether it’s the clothes you wear or the ice cream you eat.

A powerful and easy way to meet your friends and look great is by using colour to your advantage. The clear reason to wearing solid or plain colours is you won’t look outdated as they never go out of style.

Every colour elicits a unique emotional response. Here are some colour secrets you can steal to look great today and always.

1. Plum Red

  • Plum red denotes – Peace, Warmth, Care

Paint your nails silver, load your clutch and get going with plum red tees and silver sandals. Silver and black metal jewellery should look way beautiful complementing your t-shirt. Do remember to wear plum red for your date with a short black skirt. Dang! You’ll look amazing at the dinner table.

2. Yellow

  • Yellow denotes – Fun, Creativity, Confidence

Yellow is the colour of game. Plan a trek, do a long drive or workout with yellow tees on. Boot up, be a sport of adventure. The colour yellow arouses cheerfulness and confidence that’ll keep you going. They’re top-notch adventure colour tee which complements your sport. Get. Set. Yellow.

3. Black

  • Black denotes – Glamour, Sophistication, Mystery

Are you attending a party tonight? Then black is your colour. Black looks great on camera with some makeup to add to your complexion. Choose black tees for a movie night or friend’s house party with contrasty skinny pants; matchy antique necklace and earrings; and wooden or flashy wedges. Bingo! You’re the king of elegance.

4. Red

  • Red denotes – Attraction, Passion, Love

Add more red to yourself for gravity. Grab the attention of your loved ones – juggle red tees, black sneaker shoes and pants – red appears more brilliant against a black background. Rock on red at get togethers, reunions, day parties. Recharge red and rule your road!

5. Lavender

  • Lavender denotes – Romance, Luxury, Spirituality

Long associated with romance, lavender creates an air of elegance. Lavender tees are the best option if you’re going on a date, for photo shoots and super inducive for bed times. Match them with sparkly pearl jewellery to fashion a high-end appeal. Do it big. Do it right.

6. Orange

  • Orange denotes – Playful, Energetic, Physical comfort

Be yourself with orange tees relaxing your mind and yourself. Nothing could ever beat orange t-shirts in comfort and the pleasant emotion it draws. Match your tee with navy blue accessories and flip flops or just nothing at all. The best colour for home stays and sleepovers. Get comfortable with wearing comfortable!

There’s a palette of colours that look best on each of us. A little colour planning and mindfulness about the occasion can go a long way in trend. Remember the above tips next time you’re dressing up and you’ll feel the difference yourself.

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Wishlist in Line with Your passion

Wishlist with passion

Over the years, t-shirts have become a powerful medium to show who you are and what you wish. Some like to flash their attitude; some show their love, passion towards their hobby/profession. Each t-shirt has its message! It is all about the right to voice. Whatever be your passion, you can find the t-shirt in line with your interest at Huetrap. If this sounds like you, then you should grab this tee!

Here are a few ways through which you get to fulfill your wishes:

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Bikers roar and conquer. And when you reach that attitude, you know what it takes to live the life quarter mile at a time. Don’t forget to give a ride to a biker t-shirt (heralded as the smoothest t-shirt) before you hit the road.

Horror Tees

Clown around with terror threads in the theme of Zombies, Skulls, Monsters, Horror, etc. Skull tees are horror jerseys just in a comfy t-shirt form. The design is large, covering the majority of the front of the t-shirt with high-quality prints. All in all, these are a must have for your horror t-shirt collection.

Patriotic Tees

One of the hottest trends happening today is flagging how proud you are to be an Indian. Stand out everywhere you go with Patriotic tees. It can be worn anytime you’re feeling patriotic – patriotic movie night, tour, sports, Independence day, etc.

Peace tees

Exhibit your inner peace through Buddha tees. Infect people all around the world with serenity while walking, riding and driving. Buddha t-shirts voices for peace and calmness.

Paraphrase your emotions – the picture and words that capture the attention. T-shirts are a constant dose of startup spirit. Bring out your strong message through the t-shirt culture

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