Refresh your wardrobe with Huetrap polo tees

Polo T shirts give you classic looks and is a never ending fashion statement for men. Whenever you update your wardrobe with new styles, don’t forget to collect your dream polo along with the other favourites. The Polo T shirts are a classical success of fashion attire that stood over a period of time without losing its charm among men.

Polo T shirts gives you a smarter fit than a T-shirt and casual looks than a shirt. Shop rich colours from Polo T shirt collection for men from Huetrap. You would ultimately need al basic coloured Polo T shirt for various instances. Black, red, blue, grey melange, navy and white are some neutral colored polo collections from Huetrap

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This awesome collared cool attire would make you more cool and comfortable during your off-duty times like a evening party, night rides, usual hangouts etc.

If you are a lover of sailing and seas, consider choosing this nautical themed red polo for the ride. Your best Polo companion for sports and a must-have for Indian cricket fans – the Indian tricolor polo T shirt.

If you are looking for a striped fashion, Huetrap houses an elegant blue striped tee which is a premium polo that gets its colour even before it is knitted. A long lasting and durable blue on blue half striped tee also would be your part of your favourite yarn-dyed polo list.

Get a perfect fitted polo by referring to Huetrap’s size chart that is illustrated in both cms and inches. Try out adding some interesting polo Tshirts to your wardrobe from Huetrap this festive season. Avail flat 50% off on selected products @

Look classical with Huetrap’s Polo T shirts.


Cater your fashion needs with chic capri online

Capris give women a trendy look and is a comfortable summer wear. Capri can complement your stylish new looks when chosen properly. Length and fit are the two factors that decide whether a capri pant would suit you. They shorten the silhouette of your long slender leg.

The ideal length for a capri is that the hem of the capri should hit the slimmest part of the leg. A perfect capri would stand exactly between the ankle and calf. Huetrap has an exciting collection of capri pants for women. Huetrap’s capri pants follow the exact natural line of your leg and give you chic looks.

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Pair your capri with a perfect top and you would definitely grab the attention of all. Some unique neutral colours like plum, baby pink, lavender, rap purple, shocking pink and basic colours like black, blue, green, orange, navy and white are available in solid capri collection from Huetrap.

You would also love to have some patterned capri that would complement your lovely solid tunic or tank tops. There are wide variety of prints like leopard prints, geometrical patterns, abstract prints for you to choose from.

It is better to keep your accessories to minimal and take care of the footwear you choose. This weekend you would certainly look awesome and rock the evening with Huetrap’s stylish capris.

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Get impressive multi-colour prints on Black

Experts say that you are a sophisticated and dignified personality when your favourite colour is black! You can’t deny that you exhibit elegance when you wear black. For many, black continues to be the favourite wardrobe staple. More than being a non-colour, black is a style icon and appeals everyone.

Huetrap houses many black tees for you to choose from. A varied attractive multi-colour prints make the Huetrap black tees more captivating. Do you like to wear black with a spiritual appeal? Then go for Ganesha black regular fit tee. A patriotic theme black tee with flag colours would certainly grab the attention of your team.

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Even photo prints look stunning on black tee. Grab this Portland lighthouse print and make your casual evenings delightful with your friends. Black tee with an automobile print would be an ideal choice if you have planned a ride with your companion! It is your choice to pick either the spares and parts tshirt for your rough looks or F1 car printed black tee for arresting performance.

Typography prints look enhanced when in black. Choose from slogans like “Fear is a Liar” or “Nice person, wrong planet” and many other from Huetrap’s slogan tee collection. An enchanting multi-colour guitar print for your musical burst or your favourite Michael Jackson’s image collection printed tee would be best choice for your musical parties.

Abstract prints look more impressive on a black tee. Abstract alley art and wanted dead or alive tees are prominent among the collection. If you are looking for a plain black tee, grab it from Huetrap’s solid tee collection.

Huetrap’s black collections are for all those who think black is ultimate!

Tips to make your leggings last long and look new

Leggings have become an indispensable part of young women’s style wear. The fabric proportion of leggings ensures stretchability which at same time without proper care would make leggings go out of shape. An appropriate wash care and proper storage of the leggings can make them look new. Following are some tips to make your favorite leggings last longer.


  • Leggings are meant to be washed gently.
  • Better to hand wash than machine wash.
  • If machine wash is the only option, settings should be delicate.
  • It is better to put the leggings in a mesh bag and wash in machine.
  • Washing the leggings inside the mesh bag would avoid friction with other clothes and preserve the fabric of leggings for a long time.
  • Never use hot water, it would result in breaking up the fabric and prints in printed leggings.
  • Hot water also runs the dyes from dark coloured leggings.
  • Wash the bright coloured leggings only if necessary. Run the washing with similar coloured clothes.
  • Keep the wet leggings away from each other to avoid staining.

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  • It is better to dry the leggings naturally in air.
  • Machine dryer makes it look faded after consequent washes.
  • Drying flat prevents the leggings from stretching.
  • On avoiding machine dryer, the life of the lycra fibre lasts longer and the shape of the legging is retained.


  • Leggings when not stored properly tangles with other leggings and gets wrinkles and look like old ones.
  • It is better to fold and hang them in hangers for better looks.
  • Leggings can also be rolled with a thick rubber bands and stored.

Leggings should be ironed inside out when necessary. The key factor is picking up leggings that suits you perfectly. Get your favourite leggings in various solid colours and prints from Huetrap.

Amazing abstract themes in Huetrap Graphic tees

Abstract designs belong to non-representative art form which is characterized by anything other than the natural imitations. The designs are based nothing but shape and colour trying to convey some abstract qualities. The element of recognition with real things is removed in such designs.

Some of these designs instill a lively and colourful impact on us. The reason for liking such patterns are often elusive. The art might contain intentional or unintentional layers of meanings. The inference from an abstract design is often based on the views of the spectator.

‘Made for the rough’ tee is fantastic combination of colours rendered in abstract edge would make your casual day interesting. Fiery eyed red printed T shirt gives you a blaring red refreshing feel and add lively moments to your way. A black T shirt with shapes of buildings creating a blocks jungle and abstract eyes in a royal black T shirt would be your best abstract collections in black.

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A perfect blend of pink, green and yellow colours with an abstract rendering of Paris creates liveliness to the white V-neck Tshirt. You would never miss to wear this tee whenever you feel special. An exquisite new print on black tee with a lively abstract design is one of the most appealing graphic tees from Huetrap. It has a sharp multi-colour print which adds to its charm.

Anything that is subtle creates interest and become noticeable. Abstract prints give you a unique look and makes you special in the crowd. It moreover instills an extraordinary liveliness and magical attraction to those who wear it.

Feel the power of abstractness, get your favourite abstract printed T shirt from Huetrap’s Graphic tee collection.