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We would have never imagined a world without colours. we have been always trained to associate colour with happiness, prosperity, success, variety and creativity. Colours are the one that is closely associated with our life.  Experts suggest that each colour has its own significance and effect on the people.

As for apparels, colour is the basic factor that decides variety in fashion. When you think of choosing an apparel, colour is the first basic thing that crosses your mind.

If dress can communicate for you, then the colour of the dress does half the job. Blue symbolizes tranquility, peace. Green represents fertility, luck, relaxation. Yellow is a bright, refreshing, happy colour.  Purple stands for royalty, sophistication and wealth. In fashion, Black apparels make you look sleek and it is the ultimate colour of fashion for all times.

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Colours can speak louder than words. Each wardrobe would possess an array of dresses with a favorite colour. It is upto each individual to believe in association of colours, you can never deny the fact that you feel refreshed and happy when you wear your favorite dress. Huetrap gives you adorable colours with international quality and perfectly blend with the co-colors. Huetrap presents its apparels with perfect shades of each colour using an advanced colouring technology.

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Ten interesting facts about the evolution of leggings

Leggings has a rich history and faced a significant evolution before it seized the front row in today’s fashion. Know about ten facts of leggings that you probably wouldn’t have imagined –

  • In past, leggings was a unisex garment.
  • In the beginning leggings was two separate garments – one for each leg.
  • They were a leg covering that helped the people to prevent their legs from being chaffed by heavy cold and insects.
  • It is said to have its origins in Scotland.
  • They were basically worn as an armour by men in 14th century.
  • The earliest form of today’s modern leggings wore by men were called “hose” !
  • A form of leggings called “Pantalettes” was worn under skirts by 19th Century women, girls and small boys
  • 19th century army men used leggings as a protective garment for ankles.
  • From 1960’s the popularity of leggings revived and they were considered as more feminine garment.
  • In 1980s and early 1990s, leggings was basically a part of garment worn under skirt or over-sized sweatshirts or baby doll top.

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Make this summer cool and fashionable

Stay Trendy :

Leggings always take the lead when it comes to the favorite choice of bottoms for women. They are most comfortable and trendy wear for all. The fact that it is easily paired with any tops is the vital factor behind its popularity. Huetrap’s Leggings online keeps you ultimately trendy and makes your day special. While the solid colored leggings go well with the patterned tops, the printed leggings give a perfect look when paired with neutral colored top or kurti or a tunic.

Go comfortable this summer :

Everyone wish to have some light weighted, easy and breezy clothes to stay cool this summer. Leggings are a smarter choice, you ladies! It keeps you cool and comfortable in this raising temperature. Huerap’s leggings online keep you sweat-free three times more than any other garment.

Huetrap’s wide range of printed leggings :

With all standard sizes offering you a perfect fit, Huetrap has an exclusive range of printed leggings collections. You can make your choice from 300+ designs that include many unique patterns that would match your fancies.

Amazing Offers :

Huetrap gives you an amazing opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe with unique fashioned printed leggings.

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