Masterpieces of Men’s Fashion – Skull Tees


Masterpieces are not only found in Museums!

Skulls have fascinated people since the dawn of time. Skulls are often used as manifestations of death and things related to it. But for many, skull heads just look cool and badass.

Here is a selection of the best badass Skull T-shirts to keep your favourite piece of art forever on your skin. Huetrap’s skull style is very significant, mysterious and surrealistic with great details, colours and intriguing High Definition prints. Skull tees stand out from anything else out there today! Appropriate for summer bike rides, trekking and any outdoor celebrations this year.

The logic behind these classics are – it’s entirely unique form of illustration, the depth of the artwork is intense, HD print, durable material and price point advantage. Consider them beyond season as it’s now available at an unbeatable discounted price (Rs.200 Off). The amazing skulls which were once sold for Rs.899 are now available for just Rs.699!! Couldn’t ask for more?

Bringing you up the EXTREMELY popular Skull tees – Legends Live on Skull Printed T-shirt, Bearded Skull in a Beanie Printed T-shirt and Spirit of the Sun. Bring your memories to magic life in a Tee because every moment can be a good idea for making a memory.

These funky yet classy designs for men will make others paying attention. Easily topping the list of T-shirts, these great tees are engaging and cool to wear it outdoor.

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Why Are Tank Tops The Current Rage For Young Women?


A fashion triumph that’s hot right now is women’s tank tops. Whether you want to workout or style up, Tank Top has your back. How do you like the idea of walking out of your house in lounge-worthy statement pieces? Tank top is one such versatile piece of apparel that’s a must-have staple for weekends that every young woman will love.


What’s so amazing about it?

For you ladies out there, the classic tank top accentuates a beautiful neckline while not revealing too much. If you are looking for a chic, feminine and yet simple style, dress up with a tank top, and you’re ready to flaunt! Tank tops are easily wearable, comfortable and timeless.
The classic tank tops are sporty and made of cotton. It’s neither too short, nor too long, not too relaxed, and not too tight. Perfect to look strikingly street-smart. In a nutshell, Tank tops are quirky clothes that you just throw on without the slightest effort.


Where can I wear it?

Tank tops with its modest style offer endless possibilities. From the office to parties, to dates, dinners out, beach – Tank Tops are a dime a dozen. It does well on hot days with shorts or pants, but it’s also for sporting activities under a zip hoodie. Bright coloured tank tops also make for a real looker on the dance floor!

Boost your casual day look by wearing the Tank Tops for an aesthetic appeal. They’re made from a blend of cotton and polyester that makes them lightweight, stretchable and breathable material that’s comfortable to wear.


How to wear Tank tops? 

However you want it! For a more polished look go for skin-tight jeans, and sneakers. For a more sophisticated look, sport your maxi skirt or trousers with hot heels, statement necklaces & a sling clutch for dinner out. Clashing styles gives a bit of chic and effortless look like trying white ballerinas, a scarf, and cardigan that give a fresh yet flirty look. It’s all about balance.

Especially in summer when it’s not such an easy task to dress up and look great at high temperatures. Nothing will ever beat a multi-coloured skirt with elegant studded sandals and a matching bangle with yellow sunglasses – summertime beauty. For a more layered appearance style in a shrug or an overcoat. Don’t worry if you have some extra flesh on your tummy, just go for one size up and you can pull off this look easily.


You could live in tank tops all year round! It’s one of the most versatile clothes ever that can be styled to absolutely any and every look, trend & decade. We’re sure you want to add a distinct and quirky touch to your casual wear. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to this one of a kind collection and make a bold statement today!

The Uproar of the Google Generation of Tamil Nadu for Jallikattu


The magnificent google generation of Tamil Nadu has made history! Student movement 2017 for Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu is the first massive non-violence protest post-independence. Students erupted into sporadic groups for protests night and day, around the state, to reassert the Tamil identity for the court-imposed ban on Jallikattu, a native sport integral to Tamil culture.

Marina Beach, Chennai witnessed around 20 lakh individuals and volunteer groups on peaceful “Occupy Marina” protest with lakhs thronging various cities of the state like Salem, Erode, Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Nagercoil, Trichy, Puducherry, etc. This student revolution witnessed a virtual shutdown in the state as most organizations downed their shutters expressing solidarity for the cause.

The whole world stands in awe of the leaderless apolitical youth group that coordinated their movement through social media. Support for the protest also came from Tamils across the world. With no sign of protests relenting the Tamil Nadu Assembly has now unanimously passed the bill adopted by the House (on 21st January) to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA), 1960 and make Jallikattu a permanent sport in the state.

This student protest has given thrust to similar student protests not only in Tamil Nadu but also in the neighbouring States. Karnataka students protest for banning their traditional buffalo race called ‘Kambala’ and Andhra Pradesh support for banning ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA). Also, Traders and Colleges in Tamil Nadu have called for a ban on aerated drinks as their water consumption is affecting local farmers.

Huetrap salutes the BRAVE generation who have made the name “Tamizhan” fly high in pride. This history sure deserves a tribute. And as a token of our gratitude and respect to the generation that blew the lid off, Huetrap brings forward Jallikattu Tshirts both in black and white.
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