Huetrap Blog 2- Rogues for Every Bearded and Unbearded RogueWhy always wear decent when you are a rogue inside? Get the look of badass with men’s Rogue t-shirts!

Get the retro vibe with bold rogue detailing. Look out for colourful prints and rogue fronting, lending instant style to these wear-anywhere Rogue tees. Huetrap’s Rogue troupes are fashioned by expert ideas and rogue suggestions.

These rugged, comfortable, casual and perfect fitting t-shirts will quickly become one of your favorites at Rs. 299. Rogues are made from 100% cotton and it wears well on any bearded and unbearded rogue.

Besides being an exceptional comfort as an everyday wear Rogue suit for the gym or a lazy Sunday. Grab your modern street wear and mutate as weekend warriors. Top your family get-togethers, heart walk to shop, rascalize in pubs, escape for movie nights and dinner nights with a bang. Set the mood with effortlessly cool Rogue t-shirts at just Rs. 299.

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Celebrating National Youth Day with Style and Class

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“ Take risks in your life, If you win, you can Lead; If you lose, you can Guide ”

– Swami Vivekananda

Youth is indicated with their freshness, vigor and spirit. Toasting a celebration to our YOUNG INDIA, we celebrate ‘National Youth Day’ every year on 12th January. The birthday of Swami Vivekananda, the maker of modern India is celebrated as the National Youth Day.

The philosophy of Vivekananda and the ideals for which he lived and worked are an excellent source of inspiration for the Indian Youth. With youngsters’ natural vivacity and pique, a majority of the youth are keen to act and learn on their own.

Not only is Swami Vivekananda’s motivational quotes inspiring but also his spiritual lifestyle. Saying that, here are a few show stoppers that suit the celebration. Pure white t-shirt, Divine gesture, and Om t-shirts are serene tees, can be worn for almost all occasions to enjoy ease and comfort.

Huetrap, India’s freshest and trendiest online apparel store celebrates the National Youth Day saluting the pride of India, Swami Vivekananda. Clothes do not just illuminate the appearance but arrest attention and liveliness. Men’s t-shirts, lounge wears, Women’s leggings, capris are quite practical in addition too.

Huetrap wishes the youth of India, a Happy National Youth Day.

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Celebrate this Wondrous New Year 2016 with Huetrap


New Year is just a stone throw away and everyone is on a shopping spree! This is the time of a new calendar year para mounting new resolutions, clothes, job, a completely fresh beginning.

Everyone is in a rush to finish their shopping and start sending out their gifts. But just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you have to be haphazard with your gifts. New year is the best beginning you could gift yourself with.

Celebrate this new year with Huetrap – Fresh and Trendiest online apparel store. Unbeatable designs and collections at a click away. Explore the wide cluster of trendy attires that are in vogue this new year.

Men’s Collections

Women’s Collections

With less than a week to go for New Year, everyone is in a frenzy. But over time these gifts have become boring and thinking of something different is just not possible with the very little time and all our busy lives.

And that is why Huetrap has a special choice of New Year collections especially for you and your dear ones. This new year visit and choose from a number of different apparels to gift yourself.

Wishing you a Fashionable New Year 2016

– Team Huetrap

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Awesome design plus fantastic looks – Skull Tees

Display your wild attitude with the new collection of skull tees from Huetrap. Here is a right chance to stay with the trend and rock the season.

Skull tees would be your ever favorite attire and would never go out of fashion. Huetrap has introduced a number of fresh collection of skull printed graphic tees. Bold bright printed tee would be an ideal one to begin with. A skull on a bright blue T shirt with a multi coloured print would become your favorite casual basics. Express your playtime fun with Skull is King print tee that has a card play theme with skull as the King card!


blog banner - skull tees

Surprise your team with a smiling skull printed tee with gothic prints and a skull smiling brightly with a ‘superlative being’ text. Would like to have a danger mnemonic on your tee? Choose this round neck danger print tee which would provide you ultimate comfort. Get your dreams filled with skulls with Dreams of Skulls Tshirt.

Don’t miss to pick an artful approach to casual dressing with print depicting skull taking a casual shopping haunt. This print looks awesome and would certainly impress your friends and viewers. A typical amazement is provoked when the skull smiles in a dark background with unique angels printed around. A laughing skull rising from the dark with a forest rendering would stun your onlookers, filling them with awe. Pick the raising from the dark t shirt and create a puzzling atmosphere.
The scuba skull print tee would be fun when you are heading towards a water game. If you would like to add a musical touch to your alarming skulls, Huetrap provides you a wide choice. Concert this weekend? The skull rock star tee would definitely be the best companion and give you unique looks in the concert. Also an abstract tape printed skull tee, a skull strumming a guitar, would suit you when you are out for a party.
Express your bold fashion statement with Huetrap‘s Skull tees collection!

Express your personal style with Women’s Graphic tees

Women love to be with the pace of changing trend always. T shirt is a comfortable and lovable garment for women. Available in unique colours, neck line, shapes, designs and sizes, these T shirts are the necessary style component for any young women. Graphic T shirts has granted us the choice of being unique and personal. By choosing a particular graphics on your tee, you exhibit your attitude to the society.

Huetrap offers you wide range of Graphic Tops for women. You can present your mood and character by making a wise choice from the collection of designs. Be authentic on your days in the office with authentic “heralding new beginning tee”.
Express your infinite love with the lavender short sleeve tee, Love is the new black tee, along with red and black heart printed tee.
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Bring your feminine traits and look like an angel with tees like lady with a wing, “red head printed white tee”, “pretty girl tee in white”.When you like to establish your love for nature and nation, try out tri coloured feather printed tee and the bird prints and nature prints from Huetrap.

Huetrap provides you a wide collection of party prints, abstract prints, floral and photo prints. A slogan printed tee one of the essential tee in your wardrobe. Pick your favorite slogan and rock. If it is your evening sports time, then go for tennis printed tees in various colours.

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Amazing abstract themes in Huetrap Graphic tees

Abstract designs belong to non-representative art form which is characterized by anything other than the natural imitations. The designs are based nothing but shape and colour trying to convey some abstract qualities. The element of recognition with real things is removed in such designs.

Some of these designs instill a lively and colourful impact on us. The reason for liking such patterns are often elusive. The art might contain intentional or unintentional layers of meanings. The inference from an abstract design is often based on the views of the spectator.

‘Made for the rough’ tee is fantastic combination of colours rendered in abstract edge would make your casual day interesting. Fiery eyed red printed T shirt gives you a blaring red refreshing feel and add lively moments to your way. A black T shirt with shapes of buildings creating a blocks jungle and abstract eyes in a royal black T shirt would be your best abstract collections in black.

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A perfect blend of pink, green and yellow colours with an abstract rendering of Paris creates liveliness to the white V-neck Tshirt. You would never miss to wear this tee whenever you feel special. An exquisite new print on black tee with a lively abstract design is one of the most appealing graphic tees from Huetrap. It has a sharp multi-colour print which adds to its charm.

Anything that is subtle creates interest and become noticeable. Abstract prints give you a unique look and makes you special in the crowd. It moreover instills an extraordinary liveliness and magical attraction to those who wear it.

Feel the power of abstractness, get your favourite abstract printed T shirt from Huetrap’s Graphic tee collection.

Stay blessed with Ganesh Chathurthi collections from Huetrap

Lord Ganesha is an elephant deity – a reputed symbol of success among the mass. Beyond the limitations of a religion, Lord Ganesha is a favourite idol of worship as a representation of success, knowledge, power and wisdom. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi with an elephantine countenance with pot bellied human body and big ears with a trunk.
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Unlike other deities, the form of Lord Ganesha has undergone many changes and variations over the period of time. Lord Ganesha’s head symbolises soul or ‘Atma’ which the supreme reality of our existence. His body symbolises ‘Maya’, the temporal and earthly existence.

He is the Lord of Obstacles. He is worshipped to destroy all the obstacles on our new way. Lord Ganesha is remembered and worshipped at the beginning of all new ventures to remove the obstacles and grant us success.

Huetrap houses a exciting collections of graphic Tshirts with the imprint of Lord Ganesha. The awesome Ganesh Print T shirt makes your looks both divine and unique. Available in black, green and plum colour, this T shirt would definitely become your lucky choice for all auspicious occasions. You could also pick the Gothic Printed T shirt with the abstract Ganesha print on it.

Ganesh Chathurthi falls on 17th September ’15. Adorne yourself with Lord Ganesh prints from Huetrap and make this occasion more sacred. Seek for the blessings from the Lord of letters and let Him destroy the obstacles found in all your ventures.