Pair your printed Leggings with premium tops for amazing looks

Printed leggings undeniably provides you an ultimate fashionable look and makes you unique among the crowd. Printed Leggings offers you a bold fashion statement to share with your viewers. You can look awesome and notable among your friends, provided you have the knack of pairing it with the right top. Usually a printed legging complements itself with a subtle designed tops or a solid coloured tops. Huetrap offers you a wide range of premium tops that would help you to pair it with your favorite printed leggings.

The orange butterfly sleeved top, red racer back sleeveless top, Premium sleeveless green, heart for peace sleeveless top, calligraphic printed tops would go well with bright and bold colour printed leggings like black zig zag prints, red geometrical prints, Navy zig zag prints, crossed baby pink stripes .

pair printed leggings

Also try out some styled tops in black, a full sleeved shawl neck cardigan in black, a 3/4th sleeve shrug in purple, scarlet macaw print tee, flash print tops. A butterfly sleeve shrug would be a best option to be paired with a tank top and a denim. Planning for a shopping with friends ? A lettuce sleeve high neck tshirt would be perfect choice.

Cute zebra legging prints in navy, red, purple colours, leopard prints, splattered colour prints, geometrical designs, crossed designs, peacock feather designs – all in multitude of colours gives you an amazing choice to pick from. Packed with about 350+ printed leggings collections, Huetrap is going to be your favourite online destination for printed leggings.

Enhance your looks by pairing the stunning printed leggings with some premium tops from Huetrap. Make your purchase a wholesome one. Pick your favourite print in leggings – pair it wisely with a top – adorn yourself with appropriate accessories and rock the season.

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Update your wardrobe with unique plain coloured tees

Sometimes you are fed up with wearing graphics, slogans, abstract designs, photo prints and your mind would seek to something plain. Plain coloured tshirts are indispensable for any wardrobe to be complete. Women feel comfortable to wear a plain tops when their leggings is printed or their skirts have unique prints. Either way plain tank tops and plain T shirts come to rescue when you are sick of loud designs.

Huetrap offers wide range of solid T shirts with many unique colours for men. Some amazing colours like rap purple, plum, mild orange, turquoise blue along with white, red, green, yellow, navy and grey melange are available. All the men’s collection include both round neck and v neck in all colours.

solid tshirtspsd

Women’s solid tees comprises of all the above colours including some feminine special colours like lavender, baby pink and shocking pink. A black tank top and a black tshirt is a must-have collection for every women and men respectively. It goes ultimately well with all types of leggings and jeans.

Women can pair their plain coloured tank top with appropriate shrugs, stoles or cardigans or black blazers and look more special and exclusive. Also don’t forget to adorn with appropriate accessories. For instance a printed scarf would be an appropriate pair with solid tops.

Huetrap’s promising quality makes the colour of tee long lasting and durable. Take care while you wash the T shirts. Avoid using hot water, squeezing and machine – drying.

Make a solid feel and get noticed in the crowd with Huetrap’s solid collections.

Stay blessed with Ganesh Chathurthi collections from Huetrap

Lord Ganesha is an elephant deity – a reputed symbol of success among the mass. Beyond the limitations of a religion, Lord Ganesha is a favourite idol of worship as a representation of success, knowledge, power and wisdom. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi with an elephantine countenance with pot bellied human body and big ears with a trunk.
blog banner - ganesh chaturthi

Unlike other deities, the form of Lord Ganesha has undergone many changes and variations over the period of time. Lord Ganesha’s head symbolises soul or ‘Atma’ which the supreme reality of our existence. His body symbolises ‘Maya’, the temporal and earthly existence.

He is the Lord of Obstacles. He is worshipped to destroy all the obstacles on our new way. Lord Ganesha is remembered and worshipped at the beginning of all new ventures to remove the obstacles and grant us success.

Huetrap houses a exciting collections of graphic Tshirts with the imprint of Lord Ganesha. The awesome Ganesh Print T shirt makes your looks both divine and unique. Available in black, green and plum colour, this T shirt would definitely become your lucky choice for all auspicious occasions. You could also pick the Gothic Printed T shirt with the abstract Ganesha print on it.

Ganesh Chathurthi falls on 17th September ’15. Adorne yourself with Lord Ganesh prints from Huetrap and make this occasion more sacred. Seek for the blessings from the Lord of letters and let Him destroy the obstacles found in all your ventures.

Take special care for your graphic tshirts

There is plenty of choice for wearing graphic t shirts and it is always your favourite graphic T shirt that makes you special among a crowd. You would love to pick from your wardrobe – a clear, definite and shining graphic print always. A well maintained T shirt lasts longer. A special care is required for Graphic T shirts while washing and storing –

Hand Wash :

  • As far as possible hand wash your graphic T shirts instead of using a washing machine.
  • Use mild detergents.
  • It s safe to turn the T shirts inside out before loading in machine.
  • Just rub on the stains gently and use clear cold water to rinse the detergent.
  • Never wring the T shirt, the prints would tend to crack and lose its charm.
  • It is always a wise choice to natural dry the T shirt on a hanger and avoid direct sunlight as it may cause fading.

mens graphic tshirts - take care

Machine Wash :

  • Take care the wash is set to a delicate mode.
  • The temperature of water should be cold or warm. Never use hot water as it may cause shrinkage in the print.
  • Set the dryer to lowest heat option.
  • A small quantity of vinegar would be helpful to prevent colours from fading.
  • Wash with similar coloured and similar fabric clothes.
  • Some T shirts tend to bleed colours in first wash.
  • Never use bleach.

Ironing :

  • Don’t iron your graphic tees often.
  • When it is necessary, do it in a low heat.
  • Turn the Tee inside out and never iron directly on the prints.
  • Before your iron, place a tee towel or suitable paper over the print to preserve the look of your favourite prints

Storing :

  • It is always a wise option to fold your T shirts and preserve them in your closet.
  • Hanging the T shirts for long may cause stretching around the neck.
  • Air the closet with a pedestal fan now and then. It helps your closet breathe out the unpleasant aroma of clothes, if any.

Huetrap’s high definition multi colour prints last longer with your careful maintenance of the material. Shop under various themes like funny, abstract, photo prints, sports, vintage, patriotic, Buddha etc. Huetrap also houses trendy and exclusive graphic collections for women.

Make the best out of each printed Tshirt you choose from Huetrap and stay with the trend.