Update your wardrobe with unique plain coloured tees

Sometimes you are fed up with wearing graphics, slogans, abstract designs, photo prints and your mind would seek to something plain. Plain coloured tshirts are indispensable for any wardrobe to be complete. Women feel comfortable to wear a plain tops when their leggings is printed or their skirts have unique prints. Either way plain tank tops and plain T shirts come to rescue when you are sick of loud designs.

Huetrap offers wide range of solid T shirts with many unique colours for men. Some amazing colours like rap purple, plum, mild orange, turquoise blue along with white, red, green, yellow, navy and grey melange are available. All the men’s collection include both round neck and v neck in all colours.

solid tshirtspsd

Women’s solid tees comprises of all the above colours including some feminine special colours like lavender, baby pink and shocking pink. A black tank top and a black tshirt is a must-have collection for every women and men respectively. It goes ultimately well with all types of leggings and jeans.

Women can pair their plain coloured tank top with appropriate shrugs, stoles or cardigans or black blazers and look more special and exclusive. Also don’t forget to adorn with appropriate accessories. For instance a printed scarf would be an appropriate pair with solid tops.

Huetrap’s promising quality makes the colour of tee long lasting and durable. Take care while you wash the T shirts. Avoid using hot water, squeezing and machine – drying.

Make a solid feel and get noticed in the crowd with Huetrap’s solid collections.


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