Express your personal style with Women’s Graphic tees

Women love to be with the pace of changing trend always. T shirt is a comfortable and lovable garment for women. Available in unique colours, neck line, shapes, designs and sizes, these T shirts are the necessary style component for any young women. Graphic T shirts has granted us the choice of being unique and personal. By choosing a particular graphics on your tee, you exhibit your attitude to the society.

Huetrap offers you wide range of Graphic Tops for women. You can present your mood and character by making a wise choice from the collection of designs. Be authentic on your days in the office with authentic “heralding new beginning tee”.
Express your infinite love with the lavender short sleeve tee, Love is the new black tee, along with red and black heart printed tee.
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Bring your feminine traits and look like an angel with tees like lady with a wing, “red head printed white tee”, “pretty girl tee in white”.When you like to establish your love for nature and nation, try out tri coloured feather printed tee and the bird prints and nature prints from Huetrap.

Huetrap provides you a wide collection of party prints, abstract prints, floral and photo prints. A slogan printed tee one of the essential tee in your wardrobe. Pick your favorite slogan and rock. If it is your evening sports time, then go for tennis printed tees in various colours.

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Amazing abstract themes in Huetrap Graphic tees

Abstract designs belong to non-representative art form which is characterized by anything other than the natural imitations. The designs are based nothing but shape and colour trying to convey some abstract qualities. The element of recognition with real things is removed in such designs.

Some of these designs instill a lively and colourful impact on us. The reason for liking such patterns are often elusive. The art might contain intentional or unintentional layers of meanings. The inference from an abstract design is often based on the views of the spectator.

‘Made for the rough’ tee is fantastic combination of colours rendered in abstract edge would make your casual day interesting. Fiery eyed red printed T shirt gives you a blaring red refreshing feel and add lively moments to your way. A black T shirt with shapes of buildings creating a blocks jungle and abstract eyes in a royal black T shirt would be your best abstract collections in black.

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A perfect blend of pink, green and yellow colours with an abstract rendering of Paris creates liveliness to the white V-neck Tshirt. You would never miss to wear this tee whenever you feel special. An exquisite new print on black tee with a lively abstract design is one of the most appealing graphic tees from Huetrap. It has a sharp multi-colour print which adds to its charm.

Anything that is subtle creates interest and become noticeable. Abstract prints give you a unique look and makes you special in the crowd. It moreover instills an extraordinary liveliness and magical attraction to those who wear it.

Feel the power of abstractness, get your favourite abstract printed T shirt from Huetrap’s Graphic tee collection.

Take special care for your graphic tshirts

There is plenty of choice for wearing graphic t shirts and it is always your favourite graphic T shirt that makes you special among a crowd. You would love to pick from your wardrobe – a clear, definite and shining graphic print always. A well maintained T shirt lasts longer. A special care is required for Graphic T shirts while washing and storing –

Hand Wash :

  • As far as possible hand wash your graphic T shirts instead of using a washing machine.
  • Use mild detergents.
  • It s safe to turn the T shirts inside out before loading in machine.
  • Just rub on the stains gently and use clear cold water to rinse the detergent.
  • Never wring the T shirt, the prints would tend to crack and lose its charm.
  • It is always a wise choice to natural dry the T shirt on a hanger and avoid direct sunlight as it may cause fading.

mens graphic tshirts - take care

Machine Wash :

  • Take care the wash is set to a delicate mode.
  • The temperature of water should be cold or warm. Never use hot water as it may cause shrinkage in the print.
  • Set the dryer to lowest heat option.
  • A small quantity of vinegar would be helpful to prevent colours from fading.
  • Wash with similar coloured and similar fabric clothes.
  • Some T shirts tend to bleed colours in first wash.
  • Never use bleach.

Ironing :

  • Don’t iron your graphic tees often.
  • When it is necessary, do it in a low heat.
  • Turn the Tee inside out and never iron directly on the prints.
  • Before your iron, place a tee towel or suitable paper over the print to preserve the look of your favourite prints

Storing :

  • It is always a wise option to fold your T shirts and preserve them in your closet.
  • Hanging the T shirts for long may cause stretching around the neck.
  • Air the closet with a pedestal fan now and then. It helps your closet breathe out the unpleasant aroma of clothes, if any.

Huetrap’s high definition multi colour prints last longer with your careful maintenance of the material. Shop under various themes like funny, abstract, photo prints, sports, vintage, patriotic, Buddha etc. Huetrap also houses trendy and exclusive graphic collections for women.

Make the best out of each printed Tshirt you choose from Huetrap and stay with the trend.

Wear your mind

Women have more reasons to be expressive. Huetrap Graphic Tees for women provide an opportunity for it. The graphic tee collection from Huetrap comprise a coolest variety of designs, prints and colours to choose from. Shop under various themes like funny, abstract, animals, floral, skull tattoos etc.

Choose “Rock all the time Tee” for your day on movies and shopping. If it is going to be your weekend game, you will look perfectly sporty with white “Tennis Printed T shirt ” and one other game printed T shirt gives you classy and comfortable looks.

Plans for music party ? Impress your friends with lady-faced round neck Tshirt. Pair it with denim and look simply awesome.

Huetrap’s elegant lavender round neck tee, flag style print, heralding new beginning print, scarf print fashion tees would be your wise choice to upgrade your wardrobe and redefine your style statement.

Would like to put on some slogan tees? Choose from various messages on Huetrap’s exclusive typographic category Tees.

Wear your mind, choose your favourite one from Huetrap’s amazing collection of Graphic tees for women.

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Why buy graphic tees?

You need to buy graphic tees simply because variety is spice of life. Visit Huetrap’s Graphic Tee collections and surprise your friends with new and attractive designs that keep you with the trend. Life is filled with instances and memories, treasure them and make them more interesting with Huetrap’s extensive Graphic tees collections. Make your day cool and comfortable with the funny graphics and make your friends smile right away.  A wide variety of Graphic Tees with 300+ designs makes Huetrap unique and appealing to young minds. There are some curious situations that you would love to look unique. Check out if below are some of them –

Are you filled with Attitude? Go for the bold red tee that says that you are made with attitude.

Gonna take a ride this weekend with your friends? Rock with automotive  tees and lead the game.

Thinking of an elegant and casual style with your family and friends Try out “Colored Down Tapes Printed Black Tee” from Huetrap.

Become a music icon making your day musical with Huetrap’s “Music’s Always On My Mind and T Shirt”  and look like a celebrity with “Black Musical Burst T-shirt“.

Share your patriotism and love your nation with Huetrap’s one nation T shirt.

Everyone is a devotee by default. Make your devotion to God glow with this unique Ganesha On Me” T shirt.

Express your sportsmanship wearing the image of your favorite cricketer graphic on you tee.

Wear weird cool T shirts on a funky day and make your friends stare at you with Funky Printed T-shirt” 

If you are in a vintage mood, this Music Speaker Printed T-shirt would be an ideal choice. Get such expressive vintage T shirt collections exclusively from Huetrap.

Not only design, Huetrap keeps you literally cool with its 100% cotton fabric. All the designs meet international standards with a precise multi-colour print.  Go more and more trendy this summer with Huetrap’s Graphic tees collections.