Fun in the Sun with Summer Wears

summer wear

Whether you’re spending this Summer with your buddies or family, we’ve got what it takes to get yourself in the sun. Sunny season in India is the time when the solar rays are parallel to the whole of India; that ‘s from February to May. Tada! So, now is the time to get accustomed to the weather and keep ourselves comfortable.

Choose cotton

We all know that cotton is the best fabric for summer. Why because, cotton absorb the sweat from the body and evaporates it into the air, eventually allows good air circulation through the tiny pores of the cotton fabric. It also keeps the body cool and comfortable.

Wear light colours

For the hot weather, wearing light coloured light clothes will make you feel at ease. Because they reflect the heat away and the body stays cool and fresh, whereas dark coloured clothes retain or absorb heat. Colours such as white, yellow, and all pastel shades will suit best and pleasing to the eyes.

Go sleeveless

Wearing sleeveless clothes in summer are no bane. The general misconception is about the UV rays affecting the skin. But wearing full sleeves, long pants are insane and impossible as they’d be uncomfortable and itchy. What are sun screens for? Don’t shell your best vests, tank tops and kurtis for the sun. Wear and go bold.

Size up your outfits

We have left no stone unturned; scorching summers are no big deal. Though fitness paramount in style, in summers you’ll have to excuse it. Opt for the loose fit or next size pants and t-shirts; they help heat escape through your skin. Whereas fitty clothes may turn sweaty, itchy and uncomfy. Be it clothes you wear outside or lounge wears or inner wears; wear airy.

Fit in Style

Summer is synonymous with shorts, t-shirts and sleeveless clothes, the ideal style for this season. Choosing the right clothes in summer is essential as life gets better in summer. Brace up with sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen and your favorite bike.

If you’re planning to head out for an adventure or a get-together with friends, Huetrap offers a massive collection of outfits to give you a look that’ll take flight.

Breakup you’re boring weekend and dress up with comfort.


Get Your Wishlist On! Wrap Yourself with Wishes


Is there anything more amazing than wishes and dreams? A popular quote goes like, “You’re never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.”

Wishes are dreams of oneself to achieve, explore, eat, shop and the list is long. It is truly wonderful to have wish lists for oneself; it is simply knowing what you want in life. Stop saying ‘I wish’, start saying ‘I will.’

Fulfilling your dream is heaven! And when your desire turns out to be clothes, it’s more special. Clothes are the reflection of your inner self. Try starting your wish list from buying what you want. Grab the unexpected from the fashion market. Go by yourself or with a loved one and enjoy the bliss of shopping.

The ‘new-clothes-moment’ changes your mood and towers you into the world of satisfaction and pride. You’re nothing short of beauty but taking from influencing fashion would park you in trend. For instance, denim or leggings make you ecstatic, and lounge wears heighten comfort. Designer t-shirts give the cheer, and tank tops (sleeveless) contributes elation, and so on.

Instincts play hero in one’s lives, and they’re supposed to be followed. When you follow your instincts, you end up identifying your deep desires. But most often instincts are compared or experimented for clarity. Never wait for a second opinion when your heart says, go for it. No one ever can live up to the expectations of others. Any new environment, new people or a new job will get you dreaming of something best. Just as impatience is to a leader; doubt and procrastination are not the qualities of a wish maker.

Let the joy begin with you. Give your wardrobe a graceful edge with your wish clothing. Keep adding your desires and lengthen your wish list. Dream it. Be it.

Wish you an Exciting International Women’s Day

womens day

The world still is a better place to live in because of women like you!

Wish you a Happy Women’s Day. Once your careers get in full swing and families start to grow, friendships and the ‘me-time’ often takes a back seat. Nurturing yourself is hugely important at every bit of your life. It’s the International Women’s Day, and you deserve to do something for yourself.

What comes to mind when you think “my day?” Sure, the usual lunch or shopping is always a great plan but, this time, try something way more fun and interesting. So grab your scrapbook, and start planning your wish list.
Here are some “take-off” ideas to give you a little inspiration and make this day special for you!

1. Plan a “NEVER HAVE I EVER” Day

It is not the game of asking questions to see if you have done the most craziest of things in your life. I mean, spend a part of the day doing that one thing that you have always wanted to do by yourself. It can be silly, and there is nothing called stupid in the first place. It’s you! Stop judging your desires and beat the rock. For example, if you have never gazed at the beach at night, at its roaring waves by yourself, do it!

2. Peekaboo Shopping

Time to bring out the debit card you always resist from using and go shopping with it. For once, excuse yourself to shop without reason. Flatter yourself, buy what you love, you deserve it. Try tank tops, t-shirts or printed capris. Book an appointment at the closest spa and get a full body and head massage done. There is so much stress you carry, take it easy for a day!

3. Ventilate your Emotions

We all have got hurts in our hearts that we hold onto ourselves. We hide it from others and keep it clutched inside us which often throbs. If there’s something you’ve been holding on for a long time, let it go. Job loss, misunderstandings with your best friend, lost a dear one, break up, whatever be it, pour it off your heart. Talk about it to your trustworthy friend, blog about it, and sort out issues.

4. Dine out with girlfriends

Groupon with your girlfriends whom you haven’t met in a long time. Have a lavish dinner together. There is nothing as perfect as to celebrate this day with other women who care for your life. Try out a different cuisines and dishes, and your girls dine out will turn exciting!

5. Do a Sleepover

Friendships are said to boost your sense of belonging, lift your happiness and improve your self-worth. Gather up in one of your friend’s place and do a sleepover just like old times. Dance, play, gossip, make the best of conversations on the classic girls bonding experience. Experts say sleepovers is also great for reducing stress and can be essential for support when you cope with tough life situations.
Improve on these ideas to plan a day of adventure with yourself. What could be more fun than a day of adventure, shopping, food and good rest?

Huetrap wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day

Spurting Tank tops to Style You this Summer

summer tanktops

Spurting Tank tops to Style You this Summer

Every summer has its own story. Are you excited to explore yours this time?

Now that the weather says go-to summer, don’t you at times feel that you’ve had enough of fashion craze? Sometimes all you need is simple, effortless clothes that you can wear on without any care of how you loo. But what if the simple clothes are light and trendy?

Tank Tops! Tank Tops show their couture potential especially in the hot
summer – Sleeveless, Light and Fashionable. They aren’t another set of boring tops, but get-at-able in multiple colours and ecstatic patterns. They add a feather to your attitude and style as well.

Casual & Simple

Match cat tank top with printed leggings, cotton shorts or pyjamas. They give a holiday look when thrown with contrast lowers, coolers and flip flops. Wear underneath shrug for layering.


Tank top union jack adds attitude and inspiration to your look when worn with jeans, shorts or hip hop pants. Makes you feel comfy and soft with sneakers. Suits perfect for sports, mountain climbing, adventure sports.


Plain Jane palazzo or maxi skirt with graphic tank tops will look at its best on you with flashy red lipstick and hot heels. Wear them to parties and special dinners along with blazers to arrest attention.


Elegance is not about being noticed; it is about being remembered. Try plain, simple designed tank tops with formal pastel trousers, overcoat with some matching jewellery. The bespoke tank tops will speak volumes about your style. From office to parties, dinners out, beach, this vogue would love to embrace you all the time. The most versatile ‘sky is the limit’ tops that can be styled to every look and trend. It is all about having fun and being you. You could never go wrong in fashion with tank tops.

A tank top any day, cherish it all the way!