International Tolerance Day – Buddha Tees

International day of tolerance is celebrated on 16th of every November to promote tolerance around the world. According to the declaration passed by the united nations, tolerance is ‘neither indulgence nor indifference’. It is a moral duty of every citizen to appreciate the rich diversity of our culture and respect the forms of expression. Discrimination, marginalization, injustice and violence are the effects that society faces due to intolerance.
blog banner - buddha peace tshirt
Not only to the national and international welfare, tolerance is the root for inner peace of every self. Seek for your inner self and peace. It gets you to the path of enlightenment and shows you the real nature of tolerance. The image and preachings of Buddha instills a calm and explicit knowledge of self within us.

This time express your concern for the need for tolerance and peace in this world. Adorne yourself with images of Buddha and peace seeking graphics and inspire your friends. An awesome collection of Buddha tees are available in Huetrap’s Graphic tees.

Consider bring in peace, pristine buddha, seated enlightened Buddha in all of your favorite colours and sizes. Identify your self with the universal one and cast away all the discrimination that this material world has imparted.

Let this International Tolerance day be worth celebrating with enchanting prints of peace on your favorite tees.


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