Why Are Tank Tops The Current Rage For Young Women?


A fashion triumph that’s hot right now is women’s tank tops. Whether you want to workout or style up, Tank Top has your back. How do you like the idea of walking out of your house in lounge-worthy statement pieces? Tank top is one such versatile piece of apparel that’s a must-have staple for weekends that every young woman will love.


What’s so amazing about it?

For you ladies out there, the classic tank top accentuates a beautiful neckline while not revealing too much. If you are looking for a chic, feminine and yet simple style, dress up with a tank top, and you’re ready to flaunt! Tank tops are easily wearable, comfortable and timeless.
The classic tank tops are sporty and made of cotton. It’s neither too short, nor too long, not too relaxed, and not too tight. Perfect to look strikingly street-smart. In a nutshell, Tank tops are quirky clothes that you just throw on without the slightest effort.


Where can I wear it?

Tank tops with its modest style offer endless possibilities. From the office to parties, to dates, dinners out, beach – Tank Tops are a dime a dozen. It does well on hot days with shorts or pants, but it’s also for sporting activities under a zip hoodie. Bright coloured tank tops also make for a real looker on the dance floor!

Boost your casual day look by wearing the Tank Tops for an aesthetic appeal. They’re made from a blend of cotton and polyester that makes them lightweight, stretchable and breathable material that’s comfortable to wear.


How to wear Tank tops? 

However you want it! For a more polished look go for skin-tight jeans, and sneakers. For a more sophisticated look, sport your maxi skirt or trousers with hot heels, statement necklaces & a sling clutch for dinner out. Clashing styles gives a bit of chic and effortless look like trying white ballerinas, a scarf, and cardigan that give a fresh yet flirty look. It’s all about balance.

Especially in summer when it’s not such an easy task to dress up and look great at high temperatures. Nothing will ever beat a multi-coloured skirt with elegant studded sandals and a matching bangle with yellow sunglasses – summertime beauty. For a more layered appearance style in a shrug or an overcoat. Don’t worry if you have some extra flesh on your tummy, just go for one size up and you can pull off this look easily.


You could live in tank tops all year round! It’s one of the most versatile clothes ever that can be styled to absolutely any and every look, trend & decade. We’re sure you want to add a distinct and quirky touch to your casual wear. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to this one of a kind collection and make a bold statement today!


The Uproar of the Google Generation of Tamil Nadu for Jallikattu


The magnificent google generation of Tamil Nadu has made history! Student movement 2017 for Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu is the first massive non-violence protest post-independence. Students erupted into sporadic groups for protests night and day, around the state, to reassert the Tamil identity for the court-imposed ban on Jallikattu, a native sport integral to Tamil culture.

Marina Beach, Chennai witnessed around 20 lakh individuals and volunteer groups on peaceful “Occupy Marina” protest with lakhs thronging various cities of the state like Salem, Erode, Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Nagercoil, Trichy, Puducherry, etc. This student revolution witnessed a virtual shutdown in the state as most organizations downed their shutters expressing solidarity for the cause.

The whole world stands in awe of the leaderless apolitical youth group that coordinated their movement through social media. Support for the protest also came from Tamils across the world. With no sign of protests relenting the Tamil Nadu Assembly has now unanimously passed the bill adopted by the House (on 21st January) to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA), 1960 and make Jallikattu a permanent sport in the state.

This student protest has given thrust to similar student protests not only in Tamil Nadu but also in the neighbouring States. Karnataka students protest for banning their traditional buffalo race called ‘Kambala’ and Andhra Pradesh support for banning ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA). Also, Traders and Colleges in Tamil Nadu have called for a ban on aerated drinks as their water consumption is affecting local farmers.

Huetrap salutes the BRAVE generation who have made the name “Tamizhan” fly high in pride. This history sure deserves a tribute. And as a token of our gratitude and respect to the generation that blew the lid off, Huetrap brings forward Jallikattu Tshirts both in black and white.
#jallikattu #jallikattuforever #jallikattuordinance

Work Wear Ideas for Women to Fashion from Monday to Friday


When it comes to getting dressed for the office, Indian women have multiple options to choose from. From choosing the perfect dress according to the day and your mood and tying a ponytail to accessorising the look well with a statement earring, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of.

So here are 7 steal worthy outfit ideas for work, to get you kicking the dull and mundane mood from Mondays to Fridays:

1. Classic Monday

The most dreaded day of the week when you might’ve spent all weekend in front of the television and just relaxed, but when you wake up, it’s the first day of work. Sport the most comfortable and enjoyable look to excite you for the rest of the day. Pick a long kurti with leggings and also don’t forget to add a fun item like a statement piece (jewellery, shoes, watch or bag) that is sure to add a feather to the cap!

2. Careless Tuesday

Get into an easy peasy look for the day that reminds you of the soon arriving weekend. Try salwar kameez with tiny trinkets, ballet flats and buy a simple and feminine look. If you think chiffon is a little too gooey, try cotton. Keep it crisp and stoop for fashion but look like you don’t give a damn, yet, to the trained eye you’re street-style-worthy.

3. Glamorous Wednesday

Add a splash of colour and still look professional, like go sleeveless depending on your workplace etiquette. Throw a major colour like a vibrant green Patiala pants with a white kurti or a complete black kurti and bottom with a bright pink dupatta. Own the glamorous look by adding statement jhumkas to your chic look.

4. Secret Thursday

Don’t give them a clue of how your fashion statement for the day would be. Leggings are one clothing item that has now surpassed its boundaries beyond the walls of the office and is now trending as power dressing for Indian women. For a change ditch those chunky necklaces and no heavy make-up, subtle lip colour and nude eye shadows work great! Go Indian by wearing a dupatta to soften your look or go with the simple tops and printed leggings, style a simple pony or flaunt in a western outfit. But remember to maintain low-key to bang on the next day!

5. Edgy Friday

The last day of the week deserves to be spent in style! Consider a collar top with jeans that can take you from work to an evening movie. Also, fashion a chunky stud earring, elegant bracelet, a great pair of heels and a flashy handbag. Style a french braid or a classy ponytail to conform to the office look.

With all these fresh styles, we hope your work weeks will remain colourful and fashionable. Don’t hesitate to flaunt your style quotient at the place where you spend most of your hours. You’re gonna look great girl!

Discounts on Online Payments at Huetrap: Benefits & Offers


Gone are the days when you had to swim across the never-ending crowd to shop your favourite clothes. In today’s busy lifestyle, post demonetization, nobody has the cash or time to pay cash on delivery for online purchases.

Huetrap’s online payment service is here to make your life amazing with more discounts. A 10% discount will be available for online payment – Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card or e-Wallet. This offer is also to encourage people to move towards cashless payments.

Online payment is a safe & secure option for those busy people. It’s also a wise choice because you can save a LOT from the actual price of the product!

We have standard offers round the clock which you will not get when you do it offline. In addition to that, you can also avail 10% discount (even on products that are on offer) on online payments. You can also avail credit points from registering as a member with Huetrap.

Find the online payment offers for:
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Exploit the discounts! We ensure to make your shopping experience an exciting one!

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5 Style Tips For A Young Man – Clothing & Fashion Advice


Too many young men’s fashion style revolves around suiting up. But what you’re looking for is some casual style to look sharp outside of a suit and tie? And that style of you still likes to keep it casual?
Well, you’ve hit the right place.
Young men are the future leaders and dressing sharp is the first step towards becoming a professional. Clothing doesn’t make the man. However, the right clothing influences others. That being said – crisp, clean, and well-fitted clothing encourages others to take you more seriously.

Tip #1 Dress to Look Mature


As the quote says, “Your energy introduces you before you even speak,” your appearance defines your spirit. Also as the society always judges you by your first impression, it is a major factor in establishing relationships, especially professionally. You even pay attention to your body language, standing upright, extending strong handshakes, when you want to appear more assertive. But under all of this, lies an even more important factor when making your first impression, and that is dressing to look mature. You have so many better options to dress mature – Solid t-shirts, Striped T-shirts, Casual shirts or Polos. Despite popular belief, you wouldn’t blend into the crowd but look sharper!

Tip #2 Rock Trousers That Make You Look Good


The go-to casual pants for any guy is a pair of jeans. And nothing is wrong with that as long as you´re wearing the right pair. Avoid baggy and low-waist jeans, the ones with embellishments and logos. You want to avoid pulling up your jeans every five seconds. They should keep themselves up without a belt and should not pool around your ankles. Instead, keep it simple. Go for a straight, clean pair that fits like it was made for you. Trust me; you’ll look awesome. But jeans is not the option for legwear. Adding a pair of chinos to your wardrobe doubles the number of outfits you can create. You don’t have to go bold red or yellow, instead, a subdued colour like army-green change things up.

Tip #3 Class Up Your Footwear


Your sun-beaten, dirty sneakers will ruin an otherwise excellent outfit. Don’t think people don’t notice your shoes, they do, especially women. Wear a pair of Loafers or Desert boots, and Ta-da, you look sharper. They look nicer than sneakers. They’re perfect and super comfortable for casual wear.

Tip #4 Learn to Love Layering


You don’t have to suit up to dress well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your casual look up a bit. Make a dull outfit more interesting by layering up. It could be a bit intimidating when you don’t know how to match clothes all that well. But the thing is, you don’t have to know all that much about it. “White T-shirt” is the magic word for layering up! It’s a simple fix that gives a bit more detail to the outfit that makes it more visually appealing. A good-looking blazer along with the white t-shirt will make you an easy way to smarten your simplest of looks.

Tip #5 Decorate Your Wrists


Naked wrists are boring. So wrist accessories are another way to smarten up a professional you. A metal watch, a leather bracelet, or both gives your outfit a bit more personality. Keep it crisp. You become someone who clothes himself with intention from someone who clothes himself to stay warm.

You just want to look good in your clothes and make a better first impression on people you meet in everyday life. Stop trying too hard and shooting yourself in the foot. Shoot for subtle, simple, understated outfits, and you’ll be a better-dressed version of you.

Care Tips to Keep Your Winter Clothes As Good As New

As the temperature continues to drop, it’s time to wake up your winter garments from hibernation! Winter’s cold can make any woollen garment look dingy in no time. In the interest of effectively extending the life of your winter garments, we’ve compiled a handy guide packed with tips including how to wash, maintain, dry, iron and store woollen clothing like a pro. Consider this your Bible for keeping your winter clothes looking perfect for seasons to come!




  • Wash wool less frequently as it is a natural, self-regulating fiber that does not need to be cleaned as often as other clothes
  • Always use a gentle detergent. Check the pH value of detergent before washing. It should not be alkaline; otherwise, it will damage your woollen garments
  • Before washing your woollen clothing, check the manufacturer’s care label. This will give you details of the recommended method of washing your garment
  • Hand Wash : Soak your woollen clothes in a bucket of water with few drops of mild liquid detergent for 4-5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and then gently squeeze all the excess water without wringing the fabric
  • Machine Wash : If your machine doesn’t have a ‘wool’ cycle, choose ‘delicate’ or ‘hand wash’ function instead




  • Brush them after every wear as wool accumulates a lot of dust and are vulnerable to moths
  • Air woollen garments, spread it flat on a table and let fresh air to pass in
  • Spot-clean or dry-clean accidental stains on your sweater, coat or scarf




  • Do not line dry your warm clothing – dry them flat on a towel or a sheet
  • Hang-drying will cause the fabric to stretch, and your outfit will lose its shape
  • Allow them to dry at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat
  • Never store a slightly damp woollen garment in the wardrobe, it’s a comfortable spot for germ build-up




  • Never iron woollen garments when it’s dry – use steam heat when pressing
  • Turn your sweater inside out and iron on the inside
  • Set the settings on your iron to WOOL before pressing the garment




  • Storing woollen garments in the right place is as important as cleaning it
  • Fold them neatly instead of hanging them on hangers
  • Make sure that they are not cramped up together as this will cause wrinkles
  • As wool is vulnerable to moth attack, you should make sure to hang mothballs on the shelf where you store it


Make sure to follow these tips, and your favourite winter wear will look great for years!








New Year, New Offer – Discount Sale on Men’s T-shirts


This New Year, Huetrap is excited to announce the grand discount sale from 23rd Dec 2016 – 31st Jan 2017. Take advantage on your favourite Graphic T-shirts. For the New Year comes but only after a year.

Discount Offer:

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Everyone waits for the New Year’s Eve for a celebration above religion, place or even country! So celebrate New Year earlier this year during this grand sale of T-shirts. Huetrap’s New Year Sale is much more than just discounts. This sale gives you the chance to get your favourite Tees at discounted prices just by clicking on a button. Get your parties rocking this New Year Eve!

The different types of T-shirts on sale include Graphic T-shirts, Skull T-shirts and Buddha T-shirts. A plethora of collections in fantastic colours and style.

New Year shopping, until a few years back, meant taking all your family and diving deep into the nearest market, but now things are much simpler and easier than pushing your way through a mob on a busy road. Just a few clicks on a website, and you are done with your shopping.

Thus, it is time for you to plan your wish list by looking at the list of T-shirts on Huetrap. Graphic T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, skin-safe dyes for HD prints, and long-lasting. So, is your notebook and pen ready to jot down your needs? The sale is just a few more days. Ready. Set. BUY!

Wish you all a Happy and Prospers New Year 2017 in Advance.