Masterpieces of Men’s Fashion – Skull Tees


Masterpieces are not only found in Museums!

Skulls have fascinated people since the dawn of time. Skulls are often used as manifestations of death and things related to it. But for many, skull heads just look cool and badass.

Here is a selection of the best badass Skull T-shirts to keep your favourite piece of art forever on your skin. Huetrap’s skull style is very significant, mysterious and surrealistic with great details, colours and intriguing High Definition prints. Skull tees stand out from anything else out there today! Appropriate for summer bike rides, trekking and any outdoor celebrations this year.

The logic behind these classics are – it’s entirely unique form of illustration, the depth of the artwork is intense, HD print, durable material and price point advantage. Consider them beyond season as it’s now available at an unbeatable discounted price (Rs.200 Off). The amazing skulls which were once sold for Rs.899 are now available for just Rs.699!! Couldn’t ask for more?

Bringing you up the EXTREMELY popular Skull tees – Legends Live on Skull Printed T-shirt, Bearded Skull in a Beanie Printed T-shirt and Spirit of the Sun. Bring your memories to magic life in a Tee because every moment can be a good idea for making a memory.

These funky yet classy designs for men will make others paying attention. Easily topping the list of T-shirts, these great tees are engaging and cool to wear it outdoor.

Shop your masterpiece here @ Huetrap


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