Work Wear Ideas for Women to Fashion from Monday to Friday


When it comes to getting dressed for the office, Indian women have multiple options to choose from. From choosing the perfect dress according to the day and your mood and tying a ponytail to accessorising the look well with a statement earring, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of.

So here are 7 steal worthy outfit ideas for work, to get you kicking the dull and mundane mood from Mondays to Fridays:

1. Classic Monday

The most dreaded day of the week when you might’ve spent all weekend in front of the television and just relaxed, but when you wake up, it’s the first day of work. Sport the most comfortable and enjoyable look to excite you for the rest of the day. Pick a long kurti with leggings and also don’t forget to add a fun item like a statement piece (jewellery, shoes, watch or bag) that is sure to add a feather to the cap!

2. Careless Tuesday

Get into an easy peasy look for the day that reminds you of the soon arriving weekend. Try salwar kameez with tiny trinkets, ballet flats and buy a simple and feminine look. If you think chiffon is a little too gooey, try cotton. Keep it crisp and stoop for fashion but look like you don’t give a damn, yet, to the trained eye you’re street-style-worthy.

3. Glamorous Wednesday

Add a splash of colour and still look professional, like go sleeveless depending on your workplace etiquette. Throw a major colour like a vibrant green Patiala pants with a white kurti or a complete black kurti and bottom with a bright pink dupatta. Own the glamorous look by adding statement jhumkas to your chic look.

4. Secret Thursday

Don’t give them a clue of how your fashion statement for the day would be. Leggings are one clothing item that has now surpassed its boundaries beyond the walls of the office and is now trending as power dressing for Indian women. For a change ditch those chunky necklaces and no heavy make-up, subtle lip colour and nude eye shadows work great! Go Indian by wearing a dupatta to soften your look or go with the simple tops and printed leggings, style a simple pony or flaunt in a western outfit. But remember to maintain low-key to bang on the next day!

5. Edgy Friday

The last day of the week deserves to be spent in style! Consider a collar top with jeans that can take you from work to an evening movie. Also, fashion a chunky stud earring, elegant bracelet, a great pair of heels and a flashy handbag. Style a french braid or a classy ponytail to conform to the office look.

With all these fresh styles, we hope your work weeks will remain colourful and fashionable. Don’t hesitate to flaunt your style quotient at the place where you spend most of your hours. You’re gonna look great girl!


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