Care Tips to Keep Your Winter Clothes As Good As New

As the temperature continues to drop, it’s time to wake up your winter garments from hibernation! Winter’s cold can make any woollen garment look dingy in no time. In the interest of effectively extending the life of your winter garments, we’ve compiled a handy guide packed with tips including how to wash, maintain, dry, iron and store woollen clothing like a pro. Consider this your Bible for keeping your winter clothes looking perfect for seasons to come!




  • Wash wool less frequently as it is a natural, self-regulating fiber that does not need to be cleaned as often as other clothes
  • Always use a gentle detergent. Check the pH value of detergent before washing. It should not be alkaline; otherwise, it will damage your woollen garments
  • Before washing your woollen clothing, check the manufacturer’s care label. This will give you details of the recommended method of washing your garment
  • Hand Wash : Soak your woollen clothes in a bucket of water with few drops of mild liquid detergent for 4-5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and then gently squeeze all the excess water without wringing the fabric
  • Machine Wash : If your machine doesn’t have a ‘wool’ cycle, choose ‘delicate’ or ‘hand wash’ function instead




  • Brush them after every wear as wool accumulates a lot of dust and are vulnerable to moths
  • Air woollen garments, spread it flat on a table and let fresh air to pass in
  • Spot-clean or dry-clean accidental stains on your sweater, coat or scarf




  • Do not line dry your warm clothing – dry them flat on a towel or a sheet
  • Hang-drying will cause the fabric to stretch, and your outfit will lose its shape
  • Allow them to dry at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat
  • Never store a slightly damp woollen garment in the wardrobe, it’s a comfortable spot for germ build-up




  • Never iron woollen garments when it’s dry – use steam heat when pressing
  • Turn your sweater inside out and iron on the inside
  • Set the settings on your iron to WOOL before pressing the garment




  • Storing woollen garments in the right place is as important as cleaning it
  • Fold them neatly instead of hanging them on hangers
  • Make sure that they are not cramped up together as this will cause wrinkles
  • As wool is vulnerable to moth attack, you should make sure to hang mothballs on the shelf where you store it


Make sure to follow these tips, and your favourite winter wear will look great for years!









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