New Year, New Offer – Discount Sale on Men’s T-shirts


This New Year, Huetrap is excited to announce the grand discount sale from 23rd Dec 2016 – 31st Jan 2017. Take advantage on your favourite Graphic T-shirts. For the New Year comes but only after a year.

Discount Offer:

Rs.799 T-shirts for Rs.699

Rs.699 T-shirts for Rs.599

Everyone waits for the New Year’s Eve for a celebration above religion, place or even country! So celebrate New Year earlier this year during this grand sale of T-shirts. Huetrap’s New Year Sale is much more than just discounts. This sale gives you the chance to get your favourite Tees at discounted prices just by clicking on a button. Get your parties rocking this New Year Eve!

The different types of T-shirts on sale include Graphic T-shirts, Skull T-shirts and Buddha T-shirts. A plethora of collections in fantastic colours and style.

New Year shopping, until a few years back, meant taking all your family and diving deep into the nearest market, but now things are much simpler and easier than pushing your way through a mob on a busy road. Just a few clicks on a website, and you are done with your shopping.

Thus, it is time for you to plan your wish list by looking at the list of T-shirts on Huetrap. Graphic T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, skin-safe dyes for HD prints, and long-lasting. So, is your notebook and pen ready to jot down your needs? The sale is just a few more days. Ready. Set. BUY!

Wish you all a Happy and Prospers New Year 2017 in Advance.


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