Leggings That Can Go To Work


With athleisure becoming the vogue, these comfortable clothes are looking more office-appropriate than ever. The right pair of leggings can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Rocking this cozy staple at the workplace makes for a genius look for the office. Leggings are sleek and understated, easy to pair with your favourite statement-making colourful Kurtis. It is all sorts of perfect make for a comfortable, yet chic, 8-hour work day. But wearing it the right way can be tricky. Here are a few pointers to remember when sporting leggings.

Read on to see how amazing it is to dress up leggings, and then give it a spin—but only if it’s allowed in your work environment!

The Basics

The simplest combination to pair with your solid leggings is a printed Kurti and a pair of flats. Branch away from black and white leggings, and pick bright or muted colours. The good news is that you have several colours to play with. They’re perfect for a coffee run, and they can look polished if paired long, solid Kurtis with them.

Dress it up

Patterned leggings can be office attires; it all depends on what you pair with it. To give your leggings some office flair, pair a long, elbow sleeve Kurti or choose a decent short top with a cardigan and transform your leggings from casual to classic. Nothing feels better than sporting an outfit that looks super stylish.

Pattern power

We know prints can be overwhelming, but they’re fun! Take your printed legging to the next level and pair it with a complementary pattern! Pick a primary colour and carry through the entire outfit and wear it with confidence showcasing your personality. It’s time to embrace the pattern and move those from the back of the closet into the spotlight.

 Try Prints and Colours

Your leggings get the spotlight as long as the rest of your look is monotone. There are humongous colours and prints to choose from. Full-length leggings will elongate your legs or makes you look tall, while calf-length ones will shorten your body. As a general rule, choose a pair that reaches your ankles.

Layer up

Leggings and layers were made for each other. Add in a belt, layer on a tank top, or wear your leggings with your favourite dress. Throw in a beautiful scarf and a pair of over-sized earrings, with a pair of peep-toes and a simple neck piece and you’re now ready for office. When you have a shirt that looks amazing with leggings and casual canvas but don’t feel comfortable wearing it to work, long cardigan is the magical word for you. They say the right layering can make an outfit; we couldn’t agree more! The beautiful thing with printed leggings is that virtually any pair will go – solid tunics or printed tops.

The Thicker, the Better

This is perhaps the most important picture that women usually forget. Leggings are made of thinner material than trousers or jeans. For work, choose a pair of leggings that are thick enough so that your skin doesn’t show. So, ensure that your Top/Kurti covers your rear and thighs. Nowadays you can get a pair of leggings at just about every price point. Not only does it stick to your body, but it also highlights the extra bulges you may have. However, when it comes to work, it’s not about you, it’s about your job and what is considered professional.

Separate It

Keep work leggings, and casual leggings separate. You want your work leggings to be crease-free, not stretched out, not washed out, fade-free or worn looking.  An option is to use them only for work until they get a bit worn and then downgrade them to weekend wear once they do.

Even if leggings are permitted for your workplace, it should still have some professional polish to it. Leggings may be comfortable, tension-free, yet, remember, you are going to work, and you still need to look pulled together. Particularly when you are away from your desk, interacting with colleagues, etc.  You don’t need to be super slim to dress in leggings, as long as you wear them the right way. These tricks are so good that your coworkers might love the way you carry yourself. It’s all about the length of your Kurti and having the best quality leggings. Huetrap offers the best-printed leggings online in different print, pattern and hues. These street style printed leggings are ideal for rocking from 9-to-5 routine.

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