5 Ways to Make Your Denim Last Longer

huetrap-blogFor most, denim is a wardrobe staple. Regardless of which profession you fall into, your jeans are apparently one of the hardest working garments in your wardrobe, and as a result, they tend to take a beating. So be sure to take good care of yours once you’ve put in the time to break them in.

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Denim must be treated differently from other clothing, and some extra attention can help extend their life. To keep your jeans looking new, it is essential to take special care, and we have a few tips to share!

Wash Your Jeans

You should most definitely wash your jeans (if you want them to last longer). If not, your denim will absorb all the dirt and sweat that comes with wear, creating serious friction, which will wear down the cotton. Never scrub the fabric, zip up before wash and be sure to wash them inside out using cold water, with a mild detergent. Select the delicate cycle setting if you choose to use a washing machine or put them in the tub. These rules are necessary especially if the denim has any embroidery or embellishments.

Hang Dry Them

You shouldn’t put your jeans in the dryer because subjecting denim to high heat causes creases (which increases stress points), the tension applied to the fabric. One of the worst nightmares to denim is getting too hot, so the dryer is the most dangerous place to be for jeans. At the same time do not squeeze or wring denim during the drying process. Once you’ve finished washing jeans, be sure to either : hang dry or lay flat in the shade.

Be Diligent About Repair

Crotch blowouts, crippled pockets, busted button-holes and frayed hems are all common plights associated with well-worn denim. But if they are left unchecked for a longer period, you may be sending your jeans to an early retirement.

Keep Them in Rotation

Do your best to avoid wearing the same pair week-in and week-out. It will slow down the process and give your jeans a chance to wear and dry out decades later.

Follow Safety Hacks

Some swear you should never machine wash jeans but laying opinions aside, be sure to follow these safety hacks and keep your basic blue and black denim looking as new as possible. Stuff denim inside thin cotton bags for the wash to help minimize the damaging your denim as well as other clothes and save their embellishments. Never iron/press denim as it wouldn’t be necessary unless the wash care suggests.

We hope that you wouldn’t have to find replacements as often as you used to. Your jeans are unique with your one-of-a-kind style. Keep them looking great wash after wash. Follow the tips and your denim will last a long time with the same shade. Love unconditionally and wear it like you mean it!


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