6 Accessories Every Man Must Have in Their Wardrobe


Accessories add that additional “oomph” factor to any collection. A simple look when paired with an accessory add depth and character to the look. However, the general perception about accessorizing is only adding significant and eye-catching pieces to your look. What people tend to forget is the power of subtly accessorizing.

Accessories are meant to add a punch and not punch someone in the face 😉

Accessorizing is not to say overdoing with flashy, chunky rings, watches, cufflinks, ties, bracelets, belt buckles, bags, socks, or studs. Embellishments are like salt, add the right amount, and it enhances the flavours of the dish and makes for a gourmet experience. Stick to accessorizing according to your personality. This will get you look cool and not desperate.

These accessory upgrades to styles that you already love might change the way you look at your wardrobe!

1. Watch


For most men, a watch is the only hand accessory which they can invest in. Choosing a neutral watch can sync with any outfits, from your regular office style to holiday trips, to dates outfits. It’s better having one ravishing nice piece than several grungy ones. It looks awful when you have a man in a great outfit only to be sabotaged by a bad looking watch.

2. Wallet


Show your back pocket some love and upgrade the overstuffed, bulky wallet to something slimmer. Use wallet as your statement piece, meaning, leave the rest of your look neutral. In all reality, an average person only needs to carry 2 to 5 cards in their wallets, plus a little cash (since we all swipe that debit card) – so there’s no need for a huge wallet in your pocket.

3. Belt


A high-quality leather belt can last you for a pretty extended period of time. Black and chocolate brown are fantastic because they can easily match well with all your outfits. Be stylistically ambitious and pair them with your favourite suit and shoes. Find what works best for you.

4. Shoes


You probably have sneakers or driving shoe that you’ve beat to hell and essential wear as slippers. Ask yourself if you own a loafer, if not then now’s the time to buy or even invest ahead for next year. Go sockless or not, the loafer is the gentleman’s “casual” dress shoe.

5. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a standout. Other than providing you protection against the sun rays, sunglasses also add a touch of style. Rock with a pair jeans & tee shirt or throw on a pair of tailored joggers with shades because they’re the definition of handy accessory. The warm colours aren’t overwhelming and will complement every skin. It’s time to start investing in grown-up eye wears. As such going overboard with gaudy makes you seem desperate for attention.

6. Backpack


Stylish backpacks for men compliment a great looking attire, and the best thing is you look the best casual suited commuter. These are a sign of elegance and can be used to carry quite many items (obviously). Invest in a high-quality backpack to keep you composed.
That’s the end of our super quick round-up. Did you see something you liked? Rock n roll with a more unconventional approach to fashion. Take this chance to dig through Huetrap, the casual apparel store of graphic t-shirts, rogues, football tees, skull t-shirts that would complement great with the updated accessories.


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