Modernized Buddha T-shirts at Flat 20% Off


Embrace the sale season!
September is no exception for some newbies and offers! Huetrap join forces with an epic Buddha collection for the truly enlightened. These Buddhas are just a few days old.

Buddha and modern-culture collab is a match made in heaven. Every piece stands for craftsmanship and this “All Life is Sacred” compilation is printed on 100% cotton fabric. Huetrap has jumped on the band wagon of Diwali Sale way earlier and is offering 20% off on the entire category.

Offer :

Rs.699 T-shirts @ Rs.120 Off
Rs.799 T-shirts @ Rs.140 Off
Rs.899 T-shirts @ Rs.160 Off
First of all, this is not what Buddhism is all about. Yes, these are T-shirts, and it’s a great peak pose to build strength and stability. Find your Music to Relax, get back to Buddha and the Wisdom Tree and step into the authentic Facets of Buddha. Frolick through the Splash Buddha and embrace your favourite Buddha Monochrome.

Buddhism encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on teachings. Here are the list of top performers that embodies the Four Buddhist concepts!








Add peace to your story and make every piece a stroytelling tee in your town. Buddha Tees are the new ultimate gifts to give and to get.

So why wait? Set it off with the noble truths 🙂

Available to buy in a variety of colours for men. BUY HERE


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