5 Things You Should Consider Before Wearing Leggings

It’s so important to look good and feel comfortable day-to- day. The latest printed leggings take you to the next level! Feel cute and sassy while you sweat it out elegantly. They’re funky, fun, and the great news is they have topped our fashion must-have list. You can’t go wrong with these!

Lengthen Tunic

Printed leggings are thick enough that you don’t have to worry about them going transparent. But if you’re not entirely comfortable, try adding length to your top – pair with a tunic top or long sweater for some extra coverage.


The Right Shoes

Heels and wedges can elongate your legs, making those fantastic prints stand out even more. Low ankle boots and ballet flats all look great. For a more casual look, try your favorite solid-coloured flats or a simple sneaker.


Choose Occasions

Hit the gym in the AM and then throw on a pair of sandals for pool time or lunch with your ladies. Pair it with a sneaker for a run or tennis match and then throw on sandals after for a fun and flirty look! We will keep you fit and fabulous!


Pick the Match

The best part about wearing printed leggings is it’s super versatile and trendy! Pair patterned leggings with a cute plain coloured blouse and boots. Collaborate with opposited – patterned against solids.


Match your Fitness

They look darling on just about every body type – slender, athletic, curvy, you name it! Created with a stretchy and ultra comfortable Viscose/Lycra material, you are sure to look sleek and sexy in each pair of our high-quality leggings.


We fell in love with the bright, bold, beautiful printed design as soon as we pulled it out of the box. And we’ve loved them ever since. Check out the styles to pull off the look and fall in love yourself.


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