Care Tips for T-Shirts

Care Tips for T-Shirts

care tips for tshirts

We know that you worship your T- shirts as much as we do. But did you know that, unknowingly, you might be putting your favourite tees into trouble? However, with proper washing, drying, ironing and storage, your high-quality t-shirts can last for several years and continue to look great. Here are some simple tips to prolong the lifespan of your favourite tees.

These tips apply not only to t-shirts but also to winter garments, formal dresses and party wears.


  • Hand washing, although time-consuming is probably the best way of making your garments last longer as it does get bashed around with other clothes if in a machine. But if machine wash is the only option, settings should be delicate

  • Fabricare experts recommend cold water wash

  • Its safe to turn the T-shirts inside out before washing

  • Avoid pouring fabric softener or detergent directly on clothes/fabrics

  • To retain the colours of the t-shirt don’t overload the washing machine. Ensure clothes can circulate freely through the water

  • Never wring the T-shirt, the prints would tend to crack and lose its charm

  • Clean the washingmachine drum regularly and leave the door open when unused to prevent odour build-up. Always read the instruction manual to ensure that you clean it properly; most machines will require you to remove lint from the filter or run an empty cycle every now and again.


  • Always read the label first

  • Dry clothes inside out

  • After washing hang your t-shirt under shade/partial sunlight. Direct sunlight will age your print prematurely


  • Do Not iron directly onto the print

  • Turn your t-shirt inside out or place a towel or a newspaper over the design on the t-shirt to protect the artwork. A hot iron on a print is a big no no as it might fade the colours

  • Remember you may not always need to iron your t-shirt anyway. You may need to iron only if you overloaded the machine with too many items and everything comes out crinkly


  • Get rid of the “don’t wear them all that often” clothes from your wardrobe and hangers. You will find that they stretch on the neck and shoulder part after time due to gravity and being left on the hanger

  • Fold them neatly and use some of those big plastic storage containers/boxes to keep them in

  • Periodic changing of the folds would avoid appearance of creases and wrinkles


T-shirts will eventually wear out and fade – it is only natural after all. A lot depends on how you look after your t-shirt. Give it a go! Try these simple T-shirt care tips. Give your garments a little care and attention; you can look forward to dazzling every tee in your wardrobe.



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