Men’s Fashion – Newbies!

Mens fashion - newbies

There’s so much happening during the week – Evening catch up with friends, Football, Work, Movies and Adventure trips. And if you have plans for this week or weekend, we’ve picked 6 funky newbie t-shirts you should consider driving down to or travelling. Here they are the reasons why we love them!

Music Maniac



Sometimes all you need is a beach vacation with some heavy music. Pull the easy breezy look together with casual Music Maniac printed tee – a must have for all music freaks and chillers out there. Get the blues working for you with comfort and style. Pack up and complete the look with distressed denim and watch the waves crash.

Zap them Up



There’s something awesome about bullying friends no matter how close they are. It is just craziness, and what could be lazier than kicking back in your favourite t-shirt while you lay on a couch, gulping one of those chips or whatever gets you going? Get your friends Zapped with printed tees simple to that you can get your hand on while running out of the door!

Funky Mike



It’s time to look funky with Funky Mike T-shirt. From shirts to formals ditch those conscious wears and head straight for any of the quirky t-shirts to step into a world of punk culture! The feel of the material is awesome as it is made of 100% cotton material.

Mish Mash



Are boring meetings eating your Fridays? Introduce some fun and colour to that next meeting with our range of Mish Mash t-shirts! Get the go-to outfit for both works and play! Unwind the chores and get ready to impress with the cool look.

Weekend Twist5


Despite the broad range of circumstances weekend backpackers run into, choosing the right clothing (at least conceptually) as the weekend twist t-shirts, gets them soaring on your trip. Through brisk walks, humid tropics, followed by sociable evenings bang into adventure with comfort. There’s simply no reason to bother with anything else. Buy yourself one or two three before you disappear!

No-fuss look6


 Men’s fashion always include comfort and style with some subtle punk over denim look. That’s exactly what no-fuss look tees throw out. Pair them with your jeans to take comfort to an all new level! Pull yourself together with casual footwear.

We hope we gave you plenty of awesome ideas for this upcoming week. Ditch the predictable and add some fun to your day with Huetrap’s eclectic range of men’s summer fashion. The new menswear from our New Collection has a little something for every guy.


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