Pack of 3 Printed Leggings @ Rs.999

life in leggings

After numerous research on a time-saving shopping plan, we have come up with an exciting “Combo Offer.” In the light of that, Printed Legging Combos have discounted offers on the top-seller combinations, compiled together to help you have a smooth shopping experience.

Running a busy life, shopping is one of the things for which we pause time and make a careful choice. And now Huetrap has made it easier!

Dress up your legs in varied colours and designs of printed leggings all throughout the week for just Rs. 999. Enjoy comfort, fit, design in leggings and splash up with extraordinary enthusiasm.

There are a lot of great ones out there. Skyrocket your style for Work on Fridays, Workouts at home, Movie nights with family, Friend’s party and even while organising the house on the weekends. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did design it!

Specially treated fabrics help you enjoy at the most softness. Made of 48% Cotton, 47% Viscose, 5% Lycra, patterned leggings are fit, stretchy, durable and most seasoned. We adore the versatility of leggings as they complement both summer and winter outfits.

Life in leggings just got amazing with our featured “Pack of 3 Printed Leggings” Combo. This value added pack of 3 in 1 Printed leggings is perfect for days where you want to add a little “ahem” to your body.

So ladies, if you’re shaking your head in a yes, then take a look at our Combos in case you haven’t checked them out till now.


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