Fantastic Four

Graphic T-shirt is waiting for no Special Occasion! Irresistible graphics compel you to consider wearing them every day. Make every day special with graphic tees.


You’re just in time to see the top-seller tee collections from Huetrap. This week’s four impressive popular release t-shirts are both stunning and comfortable. Graphic T-Shirts for Men are available at just Rs. 499.


 Auto Racing, Endurance Racing, All rounder and Seaside tees couldn’t get any greater. You’ll be responsible for bringing a new trend into the world of fashion. And the future world will lose its battle with Graphic tees.


 These fantastic four tees could work for you. Pick for Sports, Movie nights, Chill out with friends, Work and everywhere else. Graphic designs on the t-shirts sport durable HD print. We got you covered in multiple colours and designs.


 Stay fresh throughout the day with these sweat-free tees. Huetrap Graphic t-shirts are made of specially treated 100% cotton, durable fabrics. Specially treated fabrics contribute extreme softness to the t-shirt. It’s about style and comfort and all at the same time.

So get one in the fantastic four and make your friends jealous or be the one who feels jealous, choice is yours 😉


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