The colours we choose to surround ourselves create different moods within us (inspire, energise, or calm) in different places more than we think. As humans, we associate colours with so many different things and they have meanings beyond simple visual stimulation. Some researchers even suggest that we feel colours more than we see them.

Why not steal the same concept to your clothes? Here’s a rundown of the most desirable colour, Black; and what they signify, how you can use Black to your advantage in your outfits.

These are just random ideas for new ways to think about colour in your wardrobe. Obviously, they aren’t consistent guidelines that you should plan your outfits around every day. Channel the power of Black into your outfits and see what happens.

1. What’s so Special about Black

Black tends to be most people’s default outfit colour, which is understandable — it goes with almost anything. Black as a clothing colour can be elegant, formal, and visually slimming. Black absorbs all aspects of light so best advised in cold weather. However, Black can also have negative connotations, often represents the emotions and actions of rebellion in teenagers and youth. The bold eye-catching colour can help to create vocal points in any space. The uniqueness of black also creates the “wow” space that you want to show off to your friends. It is linked to the unknown or the unseen.

2. What your Clothing Colour Choice says About You

The clothing colours you choose communicate your colour personality in terms of your emotional health and the moods of those around you. Find out the meaning behind Black to be sure you’re sending the right message. Black signifies power, seriousness, authority, and responsibility. Black is the colour creating an inconspicuous feeling – mystery and mortality, power in appearance, the sense of fear, boosting strength and authority. In a positive note, black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. Black complements all of the other colours to have depth and for a glimmer of glamour.

3. What Should you Consider

As you stare at the dresses in your wardrobe, water dripping from hair after a shower, you may want to think about other elements of your upcoming day. What are you going to do? Who will you meet? Perhaps the most important, what’s your mood? Different colours convey different feelings and meanings, and it can affect and reflect. This month’s colour pallet highlights the fashion colour – Black.

4. Add some Black in Your Life when you want..

We face with colour choices all the time. The first critical decision of the day usually comes in the morning when deciding what to wear. Colours are a part of our pop-culture – we connect our favourite sports team by their team colours.

Wear black when you want,

  • To show inconspicuous

  • To open the door to mystery

  • To prepare for the unknown

If you’re taking up a promotion at work or being interviewed for a new job, you might want to wear black – all qualities your boss is likely looking for. Outside the office, black is also a colour that will give you some rocker-chick edge. If you’re shy but want to feel like a badass one day, some black t-shirt and ankle boots should do the trick!

5. What Colours go well with Black

Black complements many colours, giving them a boost creating a curiosity. It adds glamour to gold and provides warmth and sparkle to moody blue. Black becomes very trendy and chic when combined with neutrals while white and black provides a sense of balance. Black hitched with other colours can have an adamant statement and fits into almost every design to add contrast and make the other colours stand out more.

6. How the Colours You Wear Affect You

It is said that one’s garment represents his innermost thoughts that will eventually show in his attitude in life. A study confirms that wearing black clothing makes you appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident. Black is a formal, elegant, and prestigious colour. It can raise strong emotions and too much black can be overwhelming. Classy clothing is designed in black from the “power suit” to the “short black dress” to formal “tuxedo”.

Throwing some extra light on black you now know the temperament of black. Huetrap offers some amazing black apparels that will amuse you – Rogue t-shirts for men, Tops, Tank tops and Leggings for women. Get the blacks working you!

Do you think black looks stunning in fashion? Does your mood affect the colours you wear? Leave a comment and let us all know your thoughts.

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