WashCare Tips for Wardrobe Favourites

Apparels from Huetrap are stylish year-round necessities that almost everyone enjoys wearing. Being amazing just got easier with comfortable, trendy knitted garments from Huetrap. Knitted fabric is breathable and pleasant outfits. At the same time, don’t get disappointed if you see your favorite clothes loose its bright tint or get out of shape. With the wash care tips on how to take care of knitted garments, your fave ones will last for years!

1. Wash inside out

Huetrap attires are 100% fade proof. Still, while washing all of your clothes together in a washing machine, the decolourisation of one cloth might stain the other. Or decorative embellishments like buttons, zippers might get spoilt or go missing when rubbed against other clothes or the surface of the washing machine. So turning clothes inside out will help reduce trouble.

2. Zip up before you wash

Metal zippers on jeans, jacket and other garment items are like a tiny saw in the washer and dryer. It rips away other clothes the whole time unless you zip them up first. One of the best ways to wash clothes with metal embellishments (jeans, cotton belts, and jackets) is by putting them inside a shopping cotton bag and take it for wash. This will make washing easy and trouble-free.

3. Add lemon for stain removal

You can add lemon juice to the water along with the clothes in the washing machine to remove stains, and it also maintains colour.

4. Never Tumble dry

Never tumble dry your knitwear garments on the heat cycle. Always set the tumble dry at room temperature. Ironing with a press cloth or fluffy towel will remove the moisture, and one that is too hot can scorch or damage your fabric.

5. Do not squeeze clothes before drying

Be careful not to squeeze, twist or knead the clothes too hard, you might be damaging the graphic prints or designs on the apparel. Also do not wring the water from the washed clothes before drying, always intend to dry it without handing.

6. Let dry in shade

Never put your natural fabric in the dryer. Let it air dry to retain its original colour and decoration. The embellishments may not be able to handle direct sunlight. You could also place the wet knitted garment between two towels and gently press, which quickly absorbs the excess moisture as well.

7. Don’t hang in the wardrobe

No hangers! It is better to lay and fold the t-shirts and pants flat after drying. Hanging them for a long time in closets is going to droop the collars and look stretched.

8. Refold now and then

Once in a month or two, practice to empty your wardrobe and refold your clothes different from how you had folded it the previous time. This practice will earn grace periods to your apparel without any creases.


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