Fun in the Sun with Summer Wears

summer wear

Whether you’re spending this Summer with your buddies or family, we’ve got what it takes to get yourself in the sun. Sunny season in India is the time when the solar rays are parallel to the whole of India; that ‘s from February to May. Tada! So, now is the time to get accustomed to the weather and keep ourselves comfortable.

Choose cotton

We all know that cotton is the best fabric for summer. Why because, cotton absorb the sweat from the body and evaporates it into the air, eventually allows good air circulation through the tiny pores of the cotton fabric. It also keeps the body cool and comfortable.

Wear light colours

For the hot weather, wearing light coloured light clothes will make you feel at ease. Because they reflect the heat away and the body stays cool and fresh, whereas dark coloured clothes retain or absorb heat. Colours such as white, yellow, and all pastel shades will suit best and pleasing to the eyes.

Go sleeveless

Wearing sleeveless clothes in summer are no bane. The general misconception is about the UV rays affecting the skin. But wearing full sleeves, long pants are insane and impossible as they’d be uncomfortable and itchy. What are sun screens for? Don’t shell your best vests, tank tops and kurtis for the sun. Wear and go bold.

Size up your outfits

We have left no stone unturned; scorching summers are no big deal. Though fitness paramount in style, in summers you’ll have to excuse it. Opt for the loose fit or next size pants and t-shirts; they help heat escape through your skin. Whereas fitty clothes may turn sweaty, itchy and uncomfy. Be it clothes you wear outside or lounge wears or inner wears; wear airy.

Fit in Style

Summer is synonymous with shorts, t-shirts and sleeveless clothes, the ideal style for this season. Choosing the right clothes in summer is essential as life gets better in summer. Brace up with sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen and your favorite bike.

If you’re planning to head out for an adventure or a get-together with friends, Huetrap offers a massive collection of outfits to give you a look that’ll take flight.

Breakup you’re boring weekend and dress up with comfort.


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