Get Your Wishlist On! Wrap Yourself with Wishes


Is there anything more amazing than wishes and dreams? A popular quote goes like, “You’re never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.”

Wishes are dreams of oneself to achieve, explore, eat, shop and the list is long. It is truly wonderful to have wish lists for oneself; it is simply knowing what you want in life. Stop saying ‘I wish’, start saying ‘I will.’

Fulfilling your dream is heaven! And when your desire turns out to be clothes, it’s more special. Clothes are the reflection of your inner self. Try starting your wish list from buying what you want. Grab the unexpected from the fashion market. Go by yourself or with a loved one and enjoy the bliss of shopping.

The ‘new-clothes-moment’ changes your mood and towers you into the world of satisfaction and pride. You’re nothing short of beauty but taking from influencing fashion would park you in trend. For instance, denim or leggings make you ecstatic, and lounge wears heighten comfort. Designer t-shirts give the cheer, and tank tops (sleeveless) contributes elation, and so on.

Instincts play hero in one’s lives, and they’re supposed to be followed. When you follow your instincts, you end up identifying your deep desires. But most often instincts are compared or experimented for clarity. Never wait for a second opinion when your heart says, go for it. No one ever can live up to the expectations of others. Any new environment, new people or a new job will get you dreaming of something best. Just as impatience is to a leader; doubt and procrastination are not the qualities of a wish maker.

Let the joy begin with you. Give your wardrobe a graceful edge with your wish clothing. Keep adding your desires and lengthen your wish list. Dream it. Be it.


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