Wish you an Exciting International Women’s Day

womens day

The world still is a better place to live in because of women like you!

Wish you a Happy Women’s Day. Once your careers get in full swing and families start to grow, friendships and the ‘me-time’ often takes a back seat. Nurturing yourself is hugely important at every bit of your life. It’s the International Women’s Day, and you deserve to do something for yourself.

What comes to mind when you think “my day?” Sure, the usual lunch or shopping is always a great plan but, this time, try something way more fun and interesting. So grab your scrapbook, and start planning your wish list.
Here are some “take-off” ideas to give you a little inspiration and make this day special for you!

1. Plan a “NEVER HAVE I EVER” Day

It is not the game of asking questions to see if you have done the most craziest of things in your life. I mean, spend a part of the day doing that one thing that you have always wanted to do by yourself. It can be silly, and there is nothing called stupid in the first place. It’s you! Stop judging your desires and beat the rock. For example, if you have never gazed at the beach at night, at its roaring waves by yourself, do it!

2. Peekaboo Shopping

Time to bring out the debit card you always resist from using and go shopping with it. For once, excuse yourself to shop without reason. Flatter yourself, buy what you love, you deserve it. Try tank tops, t-shirts or printed capris. Book an appointment at the closest spa and get a full body and head massage done. There is so much stress you carry, take it easy for a day!

3. Ventilate your Emotions

We all have got hurts in our hearts that we hold onto ourselves. We hide it from others and keep it clutched inside us which often throbs. If there’s something you’ve been holding on for a long time, let it go. Job loss, misunderstandings with your best friend, lost a dear one, break up, whatever be it, pour it off your heart. Talk about it to your trustworthy friend, blog about it, and sort out issues.

4. Dine out with girlfriends

Groupon with your girlfriends whom you haven’t met in a long time. Have a lavish dinner together. There is nothing as perfect as to celebrate this day with other women who care for your life. Try out a different cuisines and dishes, and your girls dine out will turn exciting!

5. Do a Sleepover

Friendships are said to boost your sense of belonging, lift your happiness and improve your self-worth. Gather up in one of your friend’s place and do a sleepover just like old times. Dance, play, gossip, make the best of conversations on the classic girls bonding experience. Experts say sleepovers is also great for reducing stress and can be essential for support when you cope with tough life situations.
Improve on these ideas to plan a day of adventure with yourself. What could be more fun than a day of adventure, shopping, food and good rest?

Huetrap wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day


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