Huetrap’s free cap offer

As we all know cricket and summer are the hot topics of the day.This world cup season has triggered the desire of playing cricket in many of us. We all await our favorite team to win the world cup 2015. Not only watching the game, we know you all love to play it too.

Huetrap’s cap would be your best companion to tackle both summer and cricket. Huetrap offers a free attractive cap on all purchases for Rs. 599 and above. We are happy to provide our customer this offer as a token of gratitude.
There is no category restriction to avail this offer. You can avail a cap for any purchase that has the value of Rs. 599 and above.
Don’t stop with just cheering up your favorite team in cricket, get down the field and experience the spirit of the game.
This unique offer is valid only for first 100 orders. Hurry and don’t miss to make the cap your team mate for the next match .
Happy shopping —>

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