Wear Henleys to Enhance Your Personality

Henley T-Shirts for MenHenley T-Shirts are a unique category tees that provide you trendy, casual looks and variety in your wardrobe. If you are tired of wearing usual T-shirts and Polo T-Shirts, Henley can be your smart choice. It gives you a daring yet charming look.

What is Henley?

Henley T-shirts got its name from Henley-on-Thames, an English town on River Thames in Oxfordshire. The rowers of this place had uniforms with this style of shirts; hence the name arrived.

Henley Properties

Henley tees are basically a v-necked T-shirt with either short sleeves or full sleeves. It has a placket with one to five buttons. Henley Tees at Huetrap are made of superior cotton fabric to give utmost comfort. It is a light, form-fitted garment that makes you look more masculine. It fits your ‘perfectly worked-out’ shape and enhances your looks as well as comfort. Huetrap’s Henleys Collection give you smart look at a much affordable cost.


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